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New Android simulator has some big improvements

  Yong Hui      2012-04-10 13:02:31      2,967    0

Message from the Android developer blog, the Android emulator now has a number of improvements and optimizations. It allows developers to develop applications more conveniently.

The Android emulator is an important tool for Android developers developing and testing applications. Due to the rapid growth of Android hardware, the simulator has been slightly left behind. The new simulator brings some new functions including support for GPU, the CPU acceleration sensor support, multi-touch input support and other new features.

The latest Android simulator version 4.0.3 R2 supports GPU and OpenGL ES 2.0, so developers can make use of the simulator to test OpenGL games.

After the addition of camera support last year, the new version of the simulator now adds support for multi-touch input device, it will also support Bluetooth and NFC in the future.

Improved simulator can now achieve faster execution efficiency through the use of the local CPU, which is a good thing for some people who are using the simulator to explore the new Android system.

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