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Google releases new app to improve the accuracy of indoor positioning

  study865      2012-04-08 09:46:53      6,315    1

Google Maps, Bing Maps, and some map providers have offered indoor map service such as in  the airport, major shopping malls and stadiums for some time. The problem is that these indoor maps can not precisely tell you which floor you are on a map, the GPS obviously can not work very well in this environment, WiFi and GPRS positioning is not very precise. Google announced the improvement program of Google Maps for accurate indoor positioning. The current owners of these places will cooperate with Google, they will update the floor plan for Google's map service, users can access their current position through the latest Android application .

The application is running on Version 2.3 or later, after installation, it can collect WiFi and GPRS signal nearby you and resolve these data to tell you the indoor floor position, However this application currently is only released for commercial tenants.

Indoor Positioning shall be defined as any system that attempts to provide an accurate position inside of a covered structure, such as an Airport, a Subway, or a Mall.

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Joelzim [Reply]@ 2012-05-02 16:05:29
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