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Sony is to release PlayStation4 in 2015

  Xiao Hei      2012-04-04 08:44:13      180,003    1

According to Japanese media, Sony may release its flagship game console PlayStation 4 in the Christmas 2013, codenamed Orbis, As the source of the message is very reliable, so the possibility of a new generation of Sony PlayStation 4 game console to the market next year is still quite large.

Sony has registered the Orbis domain name, but people are still unable to obtain relevant news on the Orbis website. The release plan on the Sony PlayStation4 game console will be officially launched this spring, while the first batch of Orbis Development Kit will be successively handed over to the hands of developers. Developers will get the
PlayStation 4 model game console by the end of the year.

Also worth noting is that Sony PlayStation 4 will use the AMD platform hardware, including AMD x64 processor and the Austronesian graphics chip, the picture resolution of up to a new generation of 4K-class standard 4096 x 2160 pixels, while the 3D picture will be able to achieve the level HD 1080P, compared to present 720P, it has been further improved. In addition, the Sony PlayStation game content can be downloaded in two ways: Blu-ray and PSN digital download but either way the user needs to bind on their own ID. Now we still don't know whether Sony PlayStation 4 is able to compatible with previous games or not.

Note : this article is from Tencent. Source URL :



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