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Web design trends in 2012. What’s new?

  Alice      2011-12-16 09:31:27      2,629    0

It’s no surprise they call them trends, become they come and go. Maybe you don’t want to take them with the constant changes in web design you sure don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Nobody can predict the future of web design, but we’re already seeing small changes to the newer designs and I bet we all want to be part of the movement. Most of the changes in web design are subtle so we need to focus mainly on the concept behind each trend.

We will exemplify every design trend so you can determine for yourself if your designs would benefit from these changes.


typography trends 2012

Typography is a trend that is constantly changing and now more thanks to designers focusing more and more on usability. Instead of using tens of fonts in a single site, 2012 designs will be more focused on uncluttered designs with fewer fonts that are fancy but at the same time easy to read. Considering also the increase of mobile users accessing websites, using strong fonts is also recommended for easy reading.

Focus on: powerful fonts; get creative but keep usability in mind at all times.

Slab typefaces

The use of slab typefaces is rather new, although some designers have also tried using them a few years back but with no results. Nowadays, more designers are using them because the bold letters translate to powerful identity. Slab typeface means using all capital letters as well as bold.  This is also a good technique to get the attention of the users visiting your site.

Focus on: Capital letters, bold to catch the eye of your visitors.

One page layouts

At last, people have realized that there’s no need to include a massive amount of information in only a few pages. Users don’t have time to get to the information they’re looking for so the solution is to put it right where they can see it and give them quick access to it. Ask yourself if you really need that extra content and if not, then just remove it because no one’s going to miss it.

Single page website designs are especially aimed at portfolio and personal profiles, and less at corporate sites. This means that users/ potential clients are visiting your site to see samples and get in touch with you. Therefore, your site should give them just that.

Focus on: minimalist designs where you include exactly the information the users are expecting to find on your site.

“Hello” Intros

“Hi, I’m….”. 2012 is about being more personal and introducing oneself to the web users. “About us” pages are taken on by smaller and more personal intros that can usually be found right on the homepage. Web designers are trying to break the barriers between virtual and real life. With this kind of presentation, it’s like walking up to a client in real life and telling him about your work.

The “hello” can be turned into whatever pick-up line that is more appealing to the designer and its visitors. There are not rules to this, as there are no rules to the placement of the intro box. Some designers even place it in the middle of the page, below the oversized logo.

Focus on: presenting yourself in an attractive and personal way.

Oversized Headers& Footers

Both these design elements are aimed at attracting the visitors and enhancing its visual experience. 2012 is about oversized logos (located in the header) as well as oversized footers. The header can take up more than half of the screen and it includes a powerful message that makes the visitor want to remember you.

The footer, on the other hand, includes less important information but still relevant, such as RSS feeds, social media accounts, and even last posts on Twitter or Facebook.

Focus on:  A powerful message and header& footers that work well together.

What other elements have you noticed in the lately designs?

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