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Friday is my new Saturday

  v4us      2011-10-28 10:41:22      1,727    0

This term I've happened to have Friday off, but I'm suppose to teach on Saturday. I might sound slightly frustrating for 9to6 folks, but It's not uncommon for University teachers, when you have a lot of holes in your teaching schedule. However, i do a lot of research without weekends, but this is only because i do love it.
Nevertheless, This simple shift of working days has made me way happier and relaxed. I don't know the reasons, but here are my observations about it:
 You can sleep more and do some fresh papers reading (i do read fresh issue of Time magazine on Friday) in your bed and not being distracted by phone calls and IM from fellows and students. They do believe that you are actually doing your work as 9to6 people.
You know that you are suppose to be at work tomorrow, so you have no reason to delay some housework till Saturday (Aka Sunday :-) ) 
Again, ordinary people works on Friday, so a lot of places looks way more uncrowded and relaxed... 
Lazy (but working) Fridays trick my creativity for some reasons.
Being undisturbed .... oh...
To be honest, it just love it, and i don't know why... Maybe because it feels like I can work or I do what ever i like... Oh, it is exactly the same for me... 
Have you ever experienced shifted workweek yourself ? How have it worked for you?



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