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What do you like or dislike about AngularJS?

AngularJS has become one of the most popular frameworks for web designers. It is created by Google and provides the MVC style design for the front end. It eases the work of binding the form data with the JavaScript objects and thereafter binding of backend. Since it introduces many new concepts such as directives, controllers etc, it introduces a deep learning curve for many developers. What do you like or dislike about AngularJS? Should the HTML be designed like AngularJS at the beginning?



I have counted few reasons behind the popularity of Angular js such as: creating dynamic interfaces for web apps. This certainly makes it easy to tweak the UI design in a suitable manner and create a desired look and feel. multiple functionalities instead of lenghty code work and so more. I have also written an article on why Angular JS is superior framework? pls take a look, 

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Reply to savynacion :

I believe the main initiative is to provide a MVC framework which connects the DOM to the HTML easily.

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absolutley right !! P:) I agree with you



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