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What antihuman design have you seen in a keyboard?

A good keyboard is a great accessory for programmers, while a bad keyboard will severely affect the programmer's efficiency and often makes programmers frustrated. Have you ever used a keyboard which has antihuman design? Why do they bother you?



I have a ThinkPad T440p laptop. My keyboard has two design elements which I cannot tolerate :

  1. The Fn key is at the left bottom corner and it's near to the Ctrl key, I often press the Fn key when I was meant to press the Ctrl key;
  2. The CAPSLOCK key has no indication of whether the CAPSLOCK is on or off, no light indication. So I often types my password wrongly

Have they tested the designn? I am sure I am not the only one to complain it.

  REPLY  Posted by at 2015-03-21 21:12:37

Reply to sonic0002 :

I totally agree with sonic0002.I have same a ThinkPad laptop.

Reply to Martin.long :

There is one more design. That is if you want to refresh a page, you need to press Fn+F5 altogether instead of just F5 like in other keyboards.



Here is a design from ASUS ultrabook ux31a. The power key is located at the upper right corner of the keyboard. This is OK. However, the delete key is near to the power button. If we need to press Shift+delete to delete all files, we frequently get it wrongly by pressing Shift+Power key. Huhhhh, the PC will go into sleep mode.

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There is one design in keyboard which I don't like. There is a gap between the key button and the main board. With this, the food snippet such as bread can slip in and get the keyboard jammed.

I encountered this once and saw there were many ants had heir home in the keyboard because they can find bread there. What a scary scene.

  REPLY  Posted by at 2015-07-19 09:45:53


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