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What if Wikipedia or Google is integrated into Adobe Reader?

Frequently when we read a PDF file or eBook, we may encounter some jargons or people names or book names which we are not familiar with, we want to get an instant description of them without explicitly opening a web browser and trying Wikipedia or Google search. Have you ever wanted to have such a request? Is it necessary? Is it feasible? What should be prepared to achieve this? Give us some thoughts.



I do believe we can have Wikipedia and Google integrated into different readers such as Adobe Reader as we frequently have this kind of needs. As for myself, I do have encountered different people names and book names when I read books like How Google Works.

By doing this, we can select the name and right click on it and then a window should be prompted and it will display the information about the name using the contents from Wikipedia and Google and similar sites. This will improve the reading speed and avoid interruption by switching among different applications such as the browers and readers.

I will thank the vendors if one day Adobe and Wikipedia or Google can come together and provide this feature. Also, I hope other similar software can achieve this. Maybe there are some now, but to my knowledge, I don't know anyone yet.

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good idea

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1、When i want use aop (springFrameWork) to trim all of String params in function .I tried many times ,have hold the values,but when I changed String,there has no effective in function.Somebody can help me ? fllow is my code of advice  

public void doBefore(JoinPoint jp) {
StringBuffer argStr = new StringBuffer("");
if (jp.getArgs() != null) {
for (Object item : jp.getArgs()) {
if(item!=null&&item instanceof String){

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Reply to iiovecherry :

What your posted is related to the question? Are you putting it in a wrong place?

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I'm sorry,click a wrong button! I'm sorry again

Reply to iiovecherry :

Where did you plan to put it initially?

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<!-- aop info config start-->
<aop:aspectj-autoproxy />
<aop:aspect id="LogAspect" ref="LogBean">
<aop:pointcut id="businessService"
expression="execution(* com.xinjinsteel.service.impl.*.*(..))" />
<aop:before pointcut-ref="businessService" method="doBefore"/>
<aop:after pointcut-ref="businessService" method="doAfter"/>
<aop:around pointcut-ref="businessService" method="doAround"/>
<aop:after-throwing pointcut-ref="businessService" method="doThrowing" throwing="ex"/>
<bean id="LogBean" class="com.xinjinsteel.aop.LogAspect"></bean>
<!-- aop info config end-->

initially this apspect in springframework applicationcontext.xml file. 

I use it to write logs, and it works.but i want to changed all params for String with trim() fuction ,i doesn't work( I don't know how to changed the params for method).


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I am sorry. I meant where you planned to put the code to instead of posting it here as an answer to the question.



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