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Is socialization over stated?

There are plenty of social network products around us. Some IM products like Whatsapp,WeChat,Vine etc, some social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc. We have installed some or all of them on our phones. These apps or websites help us stay connected with our friends and families. But do we need so many apps? We spend much time on online socialization.Is socialization over stated?



Socialization is one necesary part of human being's life. We will not die without socialization but we will be lost without it. People do have the need to do socialization.

Socilaization is including but not limited to deal with people face to face. We can also socialize through other mediums such as phone calls, internet etc. Actually currently a very prudent way of socilization is through social media such as Facebook, Twitter. You can keep in touch with your friends at different places on the planet through Facebook; you can get to know what your idols are doing through Twitter; you can even know different people who have the same interets as you but living at the other side of the planet. These all make your life full of content and surprises.

But if you spend too much time on socialization through Facebook, Twitter or other social medias, you will eventually get bored someday. This happens around us now as we can see the activities on these social media platforms are becoming less active. We need friends, but after sometime, we will realize that what we really want are true friends.

People are now facing the issue of social fatigue.

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It's not the socialization over stated,it's The Thinking Of Internet over stated !

  REPLY  Posted by at 2013-09-08 06:37:23


I don't think I spend too much time on online socialization.On the contrary, through online socialization,I keep in touch with friends who are far away from me and I know many interesting things in society.

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