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  Lenovo gets into the chip design field

According to EETimes, Lenovo will enter the field of chip design, the main focus is the smartphone and tablet chip design.There is a small team of 10 people who are working on integrated circuit design in Lenovo in the past 10 years, Till the middle of this year, Lenovo intends to expand the team to 100 engineers. Lenovo may recruit 40 engineers in Shenzhen and 60 engineers in Beijing.Despite Lenovo has much freedom in the choice of application processors, but because it involves a competitive ...

   Lenovo,Chip,Samsung,Smartphone     2013-04-01 06:15:54

  What is good design?

Some quotes about good design from a Germany designer Dieter Rams in documentary "Objectified": Good design should be innovative Good design should make a product useful Good design is aesthetic design Good design will make a product understandable Good design is honest Good design is unobtrusive Good design is long-lived Good design is consistent in every detail Good design is environmentally friendly Good design is as little design as possible This brings up a question -- what...


  7 big mistakes that make your layout a disaster

Even though the web design field has become a real industry, building a website is part art, part science. The design of a website may attract people but it may also make them run away, it depends on the work of the web designer. The experience, the talent and the capacity of endeavor are the greatest tools of a web designer, a good layout is based on all of these and, besides that, it is a very time consuming activity.Making a good layout is difficult and judging its value is subjective, a desi...

   Web design,Mistakes,Content,White space     2011-11-24 03:36:23

  Productivity tips for freelance web designers

There are lots of great things about freelance, such as not being tied to a desk, flexible working hours and little, if any, supervision. All freelance web designers probably realize that one of the biggest challenges of their job is the issue of productivity. How to motivate yourself and stay productive every day with no external supervisors telling us to complete a task right now? Here are five practical productivity hacks for all freelance web designers who want to boost their performance. 1....

   productivity tips, freelance, web designers, productivity hacks     2015-02-13 01:40:29

  The Erlang Design Pattern

Over the last couple of weeks I did an OO programming experiment. I call it the Erlang design pattern. It is based on the Actor model but goes some steps further. At its core just like the Actor model there are active entities (objects) that have a thread and a message queue with the thread waiting on the message queue to do some stuff. The Erlang design pattern extends the Actor model by first dividing the software program into active (actors, that have their own thread) and passive ...

   Erlang,Thread,Pattern,OS Threads     2012-02-06 07:47:56

  3 Mistakes Website Owners Must Avoid to Enjoy SEO Success

The first thing a consumer asks themselves when they enter any website/webpage is whether they should stay or not. A consumer has just a few seconds during which, you have a chance to capture and retain them or else they will go. Whether or not they stay depends on a number of factors, but these are things that you can improve in on-site SEO, assisted of course by the web design and development team. Read on to find the three biggest peeves that are causing high bounce rates on your site and ho...

   SEO,WEB DESIGN     2015-11-20 02:33:07

  "Simplicity" is not a simple concept

I've come to avoid using the word "Simplicity" or its variants ("Simple," &c.) It means too many different things to different people.For example, my original land-line phone was simple:It's simple by eliminating extraneous use cases. It only handles one user scenario, the one that was the most common when it was invented. If we think of the number of affordances and the number of uses, this kind of simplicity lowers the number of affordances by lowering the number of uses. I call this kind ...

   Simplicity,Software,Usability,iPhone,Phone     2011-11-24 09:21:09

  How to Impact the User Experience by Adding Surprising Details to Your Website?

Internet is improving day by day and the competition is also increasing for every businessman. Having an online presence is a necessity but just online presence won’t work you have to do something extra to grab your potential customers. Websites that are successful online are basically because of three reasons (1) Web technologies are evolving constantly and are allowing for more unique and advanced designs. (2) Technologies have become more accessible than they were earlier, and are empow...

       2015-01-29 23:46:01

  Examples of bad design

Good designs always help users solve their problems in a convenient and familiar way. It takes little or no time for users getting used to the product with a good design. In contrast, bad designs frequently introduce confusion and complexity to users. Before we design any product, we should think carefully about every aspect of the product. We share some really bad design here to show how they can affect people's life. 1. USB Connector Have you ever put one in right on the first try? We frequen...

   Bad design,Usability,Web design     2013-09-25 22:57:49

  Web evolution history

I guess many of us want to know about web evolution history since it changes so fast. Web has changed our life style, there are many big events in web history. Following picture give us a general understanding of the history of web.Original author : 陈皓 Reference :

   Web,History,Figure     2012-04-25 07:40:52