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  How to write good requirements

Requirements are pretty ubiquitous in the embedded world. They are used to define tasks, help coordinate large development efforts, and to communicate the behavior of the desired end product between the developers and the customer. When done right, requirements can be very useful. Unfortunately, if you spend much time working in the embedded world you quickly discover that there are a lot of bad requirements. And then when you try to go fix them, you quickly discover that writing good req...

   Requirement gathering,Good requirement     2012-02-18 12:53:15

  6 Promising Ways by Which You Can Enhance the App Testing Process

Now mobile application industry is exploding with application demands more than ever. According to the latest mobile app technology news the integration of mobile application service with enterprise business is main cause app developing companies are booming. But with this tremendous demands, competition heats up in market and clients are impatient to get the results.   This pressure of a deadline and impatient client,  most times becomes a burden to the developing and QA departm...


  Selling Yourself: Why? and How!

I know many good developers who are under the impression that they either don’t have to sell themselves, or selling themselves is wrong, but is that really true?First let me clarify by defining what I mean by “selling yourself”. I don’t mean “selling out”, I mean marketing yourself, what you’re doing and what your skills are. Especially to your organization.I don’t need to sell myself, my code speaks for itself.Really? Do you think your pristine code says enough about your skills...

   Sell,Developer,Skill,Show,Resume,CV     2011-08-10 03:19:34

  Some hidden XSS injection vulnerabilities

XSS injection refers to a Web page generates some unexpected executable js codes based on user input  and these executable codes are executed by web browser,i.e, the source code sent to web browser by the server contains some illegal js codes, and these illegal js codes are related to user's input. Common XSS injection vulnerabilities can be fixed with some functions such as htmlspecialchars(escaping HTML special characters) and strip_tags() or similar, but there are some hidden XSS injecti...

   XSS,PHP,Security,Code,JavaScript     2012-08-27 20:32:08

  Tips for Putting a Price on Your Work

WHEN I first started as a freelance writer, I was eager to sell myself — but not eager to have to discuss money. So I more or less took whatever was offered. Then I read somewhere that no matter what price a new client states, you always say in a polite but firm tone, “I expected more.” The first time I tried it, I was sweating and I doubt my tone was firm — it probably sounded more like pleading — but to my great surprise, it worked. With that one sentence, I made...

   Development,Price,Worl,Negotiation     2012-01-29 04:37:17

  10 things you gotta have to succeed in IT

Takeaway: Everyone seems to agree that IT is a tough field. But what does it take to overcome the adversities and become a successful IT pro? These qualities may be the key. I recently wrote a string of articles discussing various reasons to leave IT — and various alternative careers for dissatisfied IT workers. I received an amazing amount of feedback from readers who have always wanted to express similar sentiments. But that leaves out a huge swath of people: ...

   Tips,IT,Development     2011-07-21 21:55:13

  12 Things A Programmer Really Needs To Know

How do you answer the question, “what do I need to learn to be a good programmer?” I have written posts trying to answer that question, typically focusing on the languages that you should learn or the algorithms and other techniques you need to know. What about the rest of a programmer’s life? This is a less serious look at the life of a programmer. So, what does a programmer really need to know?Caffeine – You need to find your preferred caffeine delivery system. Mine is black coffe...

   Tips,Programmer,How,What,Logic     2011-08-31 08:46:32

  Three Simple Ways to Improve the Security of Your Web App

It seems like web app security has entered the public conscious recently, probably as a result of the press covering the activities of groups like Anonymous and incidents like security breaches at several CAs. Here are a couple of quick security tips to improve the security of your web apps. Think of these as low-hanging fruit, not as a substitute for thorough analysis of your app’s security. If there’s interest in this topic we can do more posts, too - let us know in the comments! Pro...

   Web app,Security,X-FRAME-OPTIONS,SSL     2011-12-08 10:10:20

  Top 10 PHP Best Security Practices for Sys Admins

PHP is widely used for various of web development. However, misconfigured server-side scripting would create all sorts of problem. And here are php security best practices that you should aware when configuring PHP securely. Nowadays most of the web servers are operated under Linux environment (like: Ubuntu, Debian...etc). Hence, in the following article, I am going to use list top 10 ways to enhance PHP Security Best Practices under Linux environment. My sample setup for PHP Security Tips: D...

   PHP,code security,System admin,Advice,Best practice     2012-02-01 00:04:37

  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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