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  Use rsync to delete mass files quickly in Linux

Yesterday I encountered an issue to delete many log files in my Linux workstation, there were around 100,000 files to be deleted. These are log files and they grow very fast, and we need to delete them frequently. Usually we would use rm -rf * to delete these files, but we may need to wait for a relative long time if there are too many files. So we must adopt some unusual way. Fortunately, we can use rsync to delete mass files in one shot. 1. Install rsync yum install rsync 2. Create a new empty...

   rsync,delete file, demo     2012-11-13 10:44:50

  Rediscovering the RSync Algorithm

A:Ok, you’re synchronizing this over the web; and what do you use for the synchronization? B: Oh, we implemented the rsync algorithm. A: uhu. And what do you do with really big files? B: The same. A: And you also synchronise folders? B: Yes. A: And how do you do that? B: we iterate over the folder, using the algorithm on every file, recursing over subfolders. A: Can you try 2 things for me? First, a very large file; and second, a large codebase, and see if it holds. Introduction First of al...

   ReSync algorithm,Discovery     2012-02-14 10:47:24

  Using Fabric to deploy web app

Many people may use FTP and rsync to synchronize codes to server, this way is fine but it may be troublesome when you need to deploy many times a day, actually there is a simple way if you can spend time on finding the fast way. We introduce Fabric today for deploying web app to remote server. Fabric is a deployment tool written with Python, the biggest feature if it is you no need to login to remote server, you can execute remote commands locally. Here is s simple deployment script written with...

   Fabric, Web deployment,SSH,Python     2012-12-08 03:16:00

  Big file transfer in Linux

It's very common that we need to transfer files between two different hosts such as backups. It is also an very simple task, we can use scp or rsync to complete the task well. But what if the file is very big, it may take some time to transfer it. How can we transfer a big file with high speed? Here we propose one solution. Copy file If we copy one uncompressed file, then we should follow below steps: Compress data Send it to another host Uncompress the data Verify the data integrity This will...

   Linux, SCP,ZIP     2013-01-10 05:55:50

  Tips for Remote Unix Work (SSH, screen, and VNC)

I am not where the work is If you are anything like me, you have programs running on all kinds of different servers. You probably have a github account, a free Heroku instance, a work desktop, a couple website instances, and maybe even a home server. The best part is that using common Unix tools, you can connect to all of them from one place. In this post, I will review some of the more interesting aspects of my workflow, covering the usage of SSH, screen, and VNC, including a guide for g...

   Linux,Security,SSH,Screen,GUI     2011-12-18 01:09:38

  How I Learned to Program

Programming is, without a doubt, the most mentally rewarding thing I've ever done. Programming taught me that life should be fun, filled with creativity, and lived to the fullest. Programming taught me that anything is possible; I can do anything I want using only my mind. Programming also taught me that learning is fun. It showed me that the more you know, the more power you have. Programming showed me that a life filled with learning is a life worth living. Programming revealed to me wh...

   Programming,Tips,Write,Practice,Interest     2012-02-04 21:37:12