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  Faster than C

Judging the performance of programming languages, usually C is called the leader, though Fortran is often faster. New programming languages commonly use C as their reference and they are really proud to be only so much slower than C. Few language designer try to beat C. What does it take for a language to be faster than C? Better Aliasing Information Aliasing describes the fact that two references might point to the same memory location. For example, consider the canonical memory copy: void...

   C,Performance,Speed,Fortran,Criteria     2012-03-25 09:12:23

  The Day Programmer vs. The Night Programmer

This post is a slightly edited form of an e-mail that I sent around internally last year. But it was suggested to me recently that I post it up to my blog to see what people think – am I right or wrong? Over the years I’ve come to the belief that there are two kinds of programmer in the world, no matter what technology they work with, lets call them:         1. Day Programmers        2. Night Programmers Now – day pr...

   Programmer,Day programmer,Night programmer,Difference     2012-03-05 05:12:09

  Illiterate Programming

Donald Knuth cleverly imprisoned the phrase "Literate Programming" - if you're not documenting your source with his particular methodology then you must be a proponent of "Illiterate Programming," which sounds truly awful. I very much believe in documented code but I think no amount of pontification in English will ever make a piece of code clearer than the code itself (I'm not talking about project or API documentation). I'm also not talking about the super...

   Programming,Illiterate     2012-02-10 06:20:52

  Interesting program comments

With Google Code Search, we can search some interesting code snippets comments. Some of them are interesting. Programming is not a boring task if you have a good attitude. Lets see some funny comments. Have fun.Not very confident :Dragon everywhere :One more angry comment :I told them earlier:F**K:Don't look following programs:Author :  陈皓 Source :

   Programming,comment,interesting     2012-04-23 06:51:05

  Scala, Patterns and The Perl Effect

He tried to understand that one concept for a couple of months before it made sense to him. Admittedly, partial functions are not intuitive for anyone who has been schooled in traditional programming, but still, looking at the problem he was trying to solve it seemed like James was required to expend too much effort relative to the simplicity of the problem (as he pointed out, now that he understands the concept it seems straightforward). He showed me the code, and it was basically a situa...

   Scala,Perl,Pattern,Partial function,Template     2011-12-21 09:25:41

  Why Only Designers Can Create New Programming Languages

Attempts to verify the utility of languages stifle innovation. Christopher Mims 03/06/2012 30 Comments Compared to the versions that are hacked together late at night under insane deadline pressure, the programming languages to come out of academia are failures. Well, not all of them. History can speak for itself. Via UC Irvine computer scientist Cristina Videira Lopes, who deserves credit for any insight you might get from this post, which is a ...

   Designer,Programming language,Create,Great     2012-03-19 13:22:15

  The 5 types of programmers

In my code journeys and programming adventures I’ve encountered many strange foes, and even stranger allies. I’ve identified at least five different kinds of code warriors, some make for wonderful comrades in arms, while others seem to foil my every plan. However they all have their place in the pantheon of software development. Without a healthy mix of these different programming styles you’ll probably find your projects either take too long to complete, are not stable enou...

   Programmer,Type,Anti-Programmer,OCD     2012-01-11 04:40:09

  One of the Best Bits of Programming Advice I ever Got

Years ago (early 1992), I attached myself to this crazy skunkworks project that was using this weird language called Smalltalk. "Object Oriented" was in its infancy as a "hot" item. High paid consultants. Lots of people laying claim to what this new object religion was all about. This was 5 years before Alan Kay would make the statement "I invented the term 'Object Oriented Programming' and this {Java and C++} is not what I had in mind."Shortly after hooking up with this whacky group with t...

   Programming advice,OOP,Smalltalk,Better design     2011-11-28 03:14:25

  Good programmer made bad designers

I got an email request to publish this article a few days ago.I was actually on the verge of moving the email to the trash when I noticed the first name of the author: Rand.For those of you not familiar with the Wheel of Time series, the main character’s name is Rand.I admit that it’s an embarrassing weak reason to respond to a strange email, but reading some 10,000 pages of a fantasy series obviously messes with your mind.Then again, it’s probably no stranger than Rand Mendoza&n...

   Programmer,Designer,Comparison     2011-08-29 22:06:33

  Must read C++ book list

Every programmer should read some books to enhance their understanding about the language before the start to practice. But some of us often wonder what books we should read and in what order. Some books may not be suitable for beginners and some books may cover the similar topics. Here I summarize a C++ book list we should read.Stage 1"Essential C++" : It is short but powerful and it can enhance our understanding of C++'s features.This book is specifically designed to bring you up to speed in a...

   C++,Book list,Read,Effective C++     2012-05-23 13:03:30