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  You should publish your contributions of Open Source, even it’s not required

Although many Open Source projects don’t require you publish the modifications of them, I still propose you should make the changes open. The reasons are as following: (1) For other people: the out-of-box Open Source projects save your time and money, and you get benefit from them. You should not only take, but also need to give! Only if everyone shares his code, document, or whatever related, the Open Source projects can grow up healthy. (2) For yourself: You release your code can actuall...

       2017-07-18 03:53:05

  Less Is More

I originally assumed that open source was simply a means of producing technology. But technology is just a lovely byproduct, the real goal is social. Not all open source projects work this way, but perhaps they should. I stumbled upon this realization while maintaining fog as it grew and grew and grew. Leaving issues open seemed unbearable, but over time the volume far exceeded my ability to keep up. Over time I saw the promise of a better way, but my expectations of open source would need to a...

   Open source,Less is more,Mentoring,Bug report     2011-11-28 10:45:47

  The story behind Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a free front end framework used for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It now becomes a very popular front end frameworks for web designers. This framework was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. Later this framework was open sourced and hosted on GitHub and it now becomes one of the most popular ...

   Open source,Bootstrap     2013-12-16 08:14:22

  Facebook open sources its C++ library named Folly

Recently, Facebook open sourced its low level C++ function library for its internal use named Folly. Folly is an open sourced C++11 component library, it provides functions similar to what boost and std libraries provide, including string, vector and memory allocation, bit operation etc, to fulfill large scale high performance requirements.Currently Folly is tested with gcc4.6 on some 64 bit systems such as Fedora 17, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian wheezy, it may also be OK on other 64 bit platforms wi...

   Facebook,Folly,C++,open source     2012-06-05 08:31:12

  Hide a file in a picture

Sometimes if you want to hide some important files on your computer which you don't want others to see, how would you do that? Find a professional tool? Set password for some folders? Change the file properties to hidden? They are possible, but they may not be so convenient or so secure. Here we share with you how to hide a file in a picture. Prerequisites 1 picture for example : test.jpg 1 test file, for example : test.txt WinRAR Steps Prepare the picture test.jpg and test file test.txt Use ...

   Trick,Picture,Fil hiding,WinRAR     2012-09-13 19:36:36

  How to prevent next HeartBleed bug?

How to ensure the security of open source projects is a concern for many open source users including individual users and companies. But it's not an easy task to ensure the security of open source projects. Because everyone can see the source code, there is much higher possibility that a bug may be found by someone. Once a bug is disclosed, people may exploit it and do evil things, this may cause loss of money either for individuals or companies, some of the bugs may even have big impact to the...

   Open source,HeartBleed,Security     2014-04-24 09:07:05

  A Programming Idiom You've Never Heard Of

Here are some sequences of events: Take the rake out of the shed, use it to pile up the leaves in the backyard, then put the rake back in the shed. Fly to Seattle, see the sights, then fly home. Put the key in the door, open it, then take the key out of the door. Wake-up your phone, check the time, then put it back to sleep. See the pattern? You do something, then do something else, then you undo the first thing. Or more accurately, the last step is the inverse of the first. Once you're aware ...

   Programming,Idiom,Strange     2012-01-04 08:12:25

  IDC lists top 6 myths, realities about open source

Summary: What are the top 6 myths? That open source software will enter every market, is inherently innovative, it improves faster than commercial software, that it has less lock-in, that it’s free and that it has little benefit if one is not involved in the community. IDC calls these ideas “myths” but acknowledges there’s more than a grain of truth to all of them At its Directions 2012 conference in Boston today, IDC revealed the top 5 my...

   IDC,Open source,Reality,Free,Contribution     2012-03-16 08:47:53

  Update parent window after closing the window opened by

Imagine we have a webpage which has a text field to let user enter a date. Usually, we may create a calendar window to ask the user to pick one date from the calendar window, when the date is picked, the calendar window will close and the date picked will be put into the text field. This way involves the method in JavaScript, and we may think how the opened window knows its parent window and then updates the parent window. I give a simple demo on this.We have two pages, on is the p..., JavaScript,update, return value     2012-06-23 01:36:32

  I'm not good enough to work on open source software

Actually, that's not true - I've produced plenty of open source software over the years.  However, in a sense, it is true: only the very best actually get paid to work on open source software full time, and I'm not one of them.  People like Linus Torvalds.  People like Guido van Rossum, although even he supposedly divides his time, and does not work on Python full-time. Think about that.  Python is a hugely popular programming language used by many companies and ind...

   Open source,Free,Money,Full-time     2012-04-16 13:27:35