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  Web evolution history

I guess many of us want to know about web evolution history since it changes so fast. Web has changed our life style, there are many big events in web history. Following picture give us a general understanding of the history of web.Original author : 陈皓 Reference :

   Web,History,Figure     2012-04-25 07:40:52

  Mac evolution history

Apple's WWDC is coming in a few hours. All Apple fans are expecting that Apple will release some new amazing Apple products. This year, what are we expecting? The result will be revealed in just a few hours. Before that, we can look back about the history of some Apple products such as Mac. Below is the Mac evolution history summarized by We can take a few minutes to go through it. Reference :

   Apple,WWDC,Mac,History     2013-06-10 09:17:17

  HTML5 History of 20th Century Music

We've seen some neat interactive HTML5 infographics before -- but the periodic table, for example, doesn't really care that much about time.Visual representation of time introduces numerous complications. Traditional ways of representing time visually were, roughly speaking, translations of dimension-type, from temporal to spatial; the mapping selected would depend on what kind of temporal relation was meaningful for the particular application. For example, circles represent cyclical beha...

   HTML5,JavaScript,Music,Timeline     2011-12-16 09:35:55

  Origin of Windows blue screen

Many of you from old ages might see the classical blue Windows blue screen before.Do you still remember the most famous Windows blue screen incident during a presentation of a Windows 98 beta by Bill Gates at COMDEX on April 20 1998. But do you know the history of blue screen? John Vert, an ex-Windoes NT kernel guy, shared the story on Quora.  Back in 1991 John Vert wrote the original code for Windows NT 3.1 that put the video screen back into text mode and the routines to put text on it (a...

   Windows blue screen,History     2013-07-24 09:25:16

  How to let Google index AJAX contents?

There are lots of websites containing only one page now with the popularity of AJAX. The website will load different contents according to different inputs from users. This approach provides good user experience and it also helps save bandwidth, the drawback is that AJAX contents are not easy to be indexed by search engines. For example, if you have a website: Users can see different contents with the appended # structure in the URL: h...

   AJAX,Search engine,Google,History     2013-07-16 00:47:14

  Today in history : Steve Wozniak invented Apple I in 1975

The original Apple Computer, also known retroactively as the Apple I, or Apple-1, is a personal computer invented by Steve Wozniak ion 29th June, 1975. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. Features:CPU : MCStek 6502CPU Speed : 1MHzBus Speed : 1MHzMemory : 8KbResolution : 60.05 Hz, 40*24 charactersPower : 58WPrice : $666.66The Apple I went on sale in July 1976 at a price of US$666.66, because Wozniak "liked repeating digits" and because they originally sold it to a lo...

   Apple I,History,Steve Wozniak     2012-06-29 06:00:08

  The History of Programming Languages

This post is part of our ReadWriteHack channel, which is a resource and guide for developers. The channel is sponsored by the Intel AppUp Developer Program. As you're exploring these resources, check out this helpful resource from our sponsors: AIR for AppUp: What You Need To Know Rackspace recently published a nice infographic on the evolution of programming languages. It starts with FORTRAN and COBOL and runs through Ruby on Rails (which, yes, is a framework and not a language). Unfo...

   History,Programming language,C,Java,Java     2011-07-28 09:00:23

  Unix directory hierarchy history

As a beginner user of Unix or Linux, people would frequently get confused about the use of different directories of the system.  For example, there is a /bin directory under root(/), it is used to store binary files. However, there are /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin under /usr which are used for storing binary files as well. Some systems even have /opt/bin. What are the differences among them? Though there are articles explaining different directories in *nix such as Filesystem Hierarchy Stan...


  The history of the name Google

Google now is known almost by everyone who has internet access. It's the most frequently accessed search engine around the world and it provides fast speed and high quality search results. While you are using Google, have you ever wondered how the name Google comes? According to Steven Levy, the author of the book In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives. The original name for the project was named BackRub and was coded by Sergey Brin. He was thinking that web pages made thei...

   GOOGLE,HISTORY,GOOGLE NAME,GOOGOL     2016-12-03 20:58:06

  A boolean value interview question

Someone asked a question on StackOverflow, he was asked an interview question. The question is : Given 3 boolean variables a, b, c, return true if at least 2 out of the 3 are true. He gave the solution as follows :boolean atLeastTwo(boolean a, boolean b, boolean c) {    if ((a && b) || (b && c) || (a && c)) {        return true;    } else {        ret...

   bool,return,expression,conditional     2012-04-30 08:49:32