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  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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  10 super useful PHP snippets you probably haven’t seen

When working with PHP, it is very useful to have a “toolbox” of handy functions and code snippets that can save lots of time when needed. Today, I’m going to show you 10 super useful code snippets that you probably never heard of. Text messaging with PHP using the TextMagic API If for some reason, you need to send text messages to your clients cell phones, you should definitely have a look to TextMagic. They provide an easy API which allow you to send SMS to cell phones. Plea...

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  bakercom1 5 Ways to Make Your IT Staff Unpoachable

When it comes to hiring practices, the tables have turned – capsized, actually. After a global recession saw thousands of jobs lost in IT departments everywhere, now the race is on to hire swarms of top talent. The trouble is: There isn’t enough talent to go around, and the threat of losing key staff to “poachers” is growing daily. “In the current war for talent in Silicon Valley, a lot of leaders believe that it is not possible to compete with the Google and Facebook phenomena ...

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  5 Free Open Source Chat Applications For Developers

A chat application allows users to communicate with others via texting, messaging, video and audio conferencing. While developing a web application web masters always think that they should communicate with their audience directly rather than emails, phone or contact forms, or chat applications can be used in various web applications such as social networking sites, business sites for live support etc.We understand the needs of webmasters and that’s why we searched and explored myriad of Googl...

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  It’s Not China; It’s Efficiency That Is Killing Our Jobs

The majority of wealth is now concentrated at the top of the social ladder. This is particularly true in the US, and the gap is widening every year. This, I believe, is because of efficiency, not China. Today the best ideas can efficiently and quickly propagate worldwide, and everyone can efficiently find them and buy them. This makes the owners of these ideas filthy rich, and those ideas that are not the best, can hardly survive. It’s not just transfer of information that is fast; wealth too ...

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  How To Optimize Your Site With HTTP Caching

I’ve been on a web tweaking kick lately: how to speed up your javascript, gzip files with your server, and now how to set up caching. But the reason is simple: site performance is a feature. For web sites, speed may be feature #1. Users hate waiting, we get frustrated by buffering videos and pages that pop together as images slowly load. It’s a jarring (aka bad) user experience. Time invested in site optimization is well worth it, so let’s dive in. What is Caching? Caching is a gr...

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  True Scala complexity

Update 2: Sorry for the downtime. Leave it to the distributed systems guy to make his blog unavailable. Nginx saves the day.It’s always frustrating reading rants about Scala because they never articulate the actual complexities in the core language.Understandable—this post is intended fill that gap, and it wasn’t exactly easy to put together. But there’s been so much resistance to the very thought that the complexity exists at all, even from on up high, that I thought it would be cons...

   Scala,Complexity     2012-01-10 07:17:07

  HTML5 and Accessibility

Accessibility for people with disabilities is a legal responsibility in many countries. It's also the right thing to do, and one of the characteristics distinguishing professional developers from the WWWs: WYSIWYG-wielding wannabes. But for many, accessibility has been a somewhat black art, requiring adding extra stuff to your code like alt text, table summaries, ARIA information that can be difficult to test by developers who are not assistive technology users themselves.The arrival of HTML5 ha...

   HTML5,Accessibility,Video,Music,Canvas     2011-08-19 08:13:44

  SQL Server: Removing Deprecated Code and Future Proofing your Queries

New features are added with every release of SQL Server and as a result, some features get removed or deprecated. Deprecated features are features that are still operational (for backward compatibility) but will be removed in a future version. Deprecated features can be of two types: those that will be deprecated in a future version and those that will be deprecated in the next version.In this article, we will explore how to track deprecated code and correct it. I will also share our observation...

   SQL Server,Microsoft,MS SOL,Proof query,Remove redundancy     2011-10-17 11:14:49

  6 Most Effective Methods to Code HTML and CSS

IntroductionJust few weeks ago, I have resigned as a "full on" web developer (frontend, backend, server admin and misc) and moved on to become a pure frontend developer (yay)! It is a really exciting change, as you might know frontend developer role didn't exist few years ago. Thanks to the introduction of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript framework, frontend development has to be separated from backend due to its complexity, and I think I'm trained to fit in that gap nicely.For many years, I've equipp...

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