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  Do you really understand Geolocation?

LBS(Location based service) services continue to emerge, it seems that every product has some relationship with maps. But to be honest, do you really understand what is Geolocation? Not necessarily. Although lots of products have LBS service, they can be categorized as sign, search, navigation and information display, these are functional features of the map as a software should have. However, Geolocation is not software, it is just a functional feature, a functional feature of all LBS applicat...

   geolocation,app,significance     2012-10-22 12:11:41

  CSS3 & HTML5 Support in Browsers

Last week we launched, a simple app which reveals your browsers' support for CSS3 and HTML5 features in an easy to read format using Modernizr.We've had a great response and we're going to be implementing some of your feedbackin the near future.UPDATE: Check out our Web Designers' HTML5 & CSS3 ChecklistFor now though I thought people mind find it useful to know the state of support in the current browser market.  I've taken all the A-Gra...

   CSS,HTML5,Web browser,Support     2011-05-14 11:26:45

  JavaScript is now a necessity

I've long looked at JavaScript as a second-class citizen in the programming world. Early on, it was the source of numerous security problems; it was a nice bit of glue to patch together HTML applications with a bit of styling, but nobody would use it for serious code; and so forth. Java, Ruby, Python, they were the languages for doing real work. But my attitude toward JavaScript has changed completely in the past few years. JavaScript has "grown up." I'm sure there are many JavaScript dev...

   JavaScript,HTML5,Necessary,Client langua     2011-06-24 00:50:14