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  Why programmers work at night

A popular saying goes that Programmers are machines that turn caffeine into code. And sure enough, ask a random programmer when they do their best work and there’s a high chance they will admit to a lot of late nights. Some earlier, some later. A popular trend is to get up at 4am and get some work done before the day’s craziness begins. Others like going to bed at 4am. At the gist of all this is avoiding distractions. But you could just lock the door, what’s so special about the night?...

   Programmer,Sleep,Later,Efficiency,Habit     2011-12-16 10:13:27

  How to play with cross domain request

What is cross domain request In simple, cross domain request is to request resource from other domain in one domain. Note, the "other domain" doesn't just mean domain name only, it includes much more. If the protocol, domain name, port is not the same, two domains will be considered different.  Below example describes what is considered as different domain.               # Same domain &nb...


  Live in Beijing and Thinking about Starting a Tech Company? Read. This. Post. Now.

The Disrupt Beijing Hackathon starts in a little more than 24 hours, and we’ve been working hard over the last few days to make it even more of a no-brainer for local Beijing developers to attend.In addition to the chance to be the next GroupMeor win valuable prizes, we have decided to give all Hackathon attendees who complete a hack and present in the 24-hour period free tickets to the Disrupt conference Monday and Tuesday. That’s a $1,000-plus value for some hungry...

   Startup,Beijing,TechCrunch,Disrupt,2011     2011-10-28 12:41:43

  Some Thoughts on Twitter's Availability Problems

As a regular user of Twitter I've felt the waves of frustration wash over me these past couple of weeks as the service has been hit by one outage after another. This led me to start pondering the problem space [especially as it relates to what I'm currently working on at work] and deduce that the service must have some serious architectural flaws which have nothing to do with the reason usually thrown about by non-technical pundits (i.e. Ruby on Rails is to blame). Some of my suspicions ...

   Twitter,Architecture,Availability,Design     2011-08-12 07:39:21

  Key challenges in Agile implementations

7Share6inShareAgile methodology was supposed to be a solution to solve all of our problems. But it looks like it’s not. Some issues appear when companies start to implement Agile in their organizations. A research has been done on seventeen companies using Agile methodology (People over processes: Key people challenges in Agile Development). Authors chose nine of the most often reported issues. I’d like to focus on four, in my opinion, most important. #1 Developer fear caus...

   Agile development,Chanllenge,Communication,Business     2011-11-30 02:55:04

  Hey kids, just say NO to programming !

Cory Doctorow's latest talk 'The Coming War on General Purpose Computing' really puts things in perspective about life in the 21st century. This got me thinking more about functional programming languages and how they are related to the intentional limitation/crippling of turing machines by industry and government. What if Stallman is right about the intentional efforts to limit freedom of information ? What if it's even worse than we all think it is ? In relation to functional languages ...

   Programming,Factor,View,Kids,No     2012-01-16 10:16:19

  Web Symbols typeface

There are those points in every interactive designer’s career when he becomes fed up with producing the same set of graphics all over again for every website he designs. It could be the social network icons, gallery arrows or any number of his «signature» butterflies for the footer of each of his projects. Similar for interactive developers that have to slice the same GIFs and PNGs each time art-director asks them to.Until now....

   Web,Type face,Interactive mode,Design icon     2011-11-19 02:08:47

  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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       2017-02-01 03:14:42

  Peter Thiel thinks tech innovation has 'stalled'

Peter Thiel says the United States no longer cares much about science or technology(Credit: Declan McCullagh/CNET)ASPEN, Colo.--One of the Internet's most influential investors and entrepreneurs is offering a dire prediction: the pace of technological change is stagnating.Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook, warned that--despite spectacular advances in computer-related fields over the last few decades--technological progress overall is actually "stalled out.""There...

   Peter Thiel,PayPal,Technology,Stack,Inno     2011-08-24 08:42:42

  Be Aware of these 10 mistakes while designing Your Mobile App!

So you have finally decided to enter the world of technology and you are going to design an application for your business. The time has become when you have to give all the nitty-gitty grins a look and design your own mobile app for promoting your business online. Well when you have finally decided to design your mobile application, here are some mistakes that you are not allowed to make. Have a look:   Do Not Start Designing Your App Without Wireframes Normal 0 false ...

       2014-12-11 02:12:02