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  Why Aren't Other SOPA Supporters Being Punished Like GoDaddy?

Even though it recanted (somewhat unconvincingly) its support of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), domain registrar GoDaddy continues to lose thousands of domains as an online campaign to punish GoDaddy is proving highly effective. The boycott campaign began on reddit on December 22. A day later GoDaddy announced its withdrawal of support for the House legislation it actually helped craft. And still GoDaddy has lost more than 70,000 domains in less than a week, with the prospe...

   GoDaddy,SOPA,boycott,Reason,Punishment     2011-12-27 09:38:27

  The price of information

SOMETIMES it takes but a single pebble to start an avalanche. On January 21st Timothy Gowers, a mathematician at Cambridge University, wrote a blog post outlining the reasons for his longstanding boycott of research journals published by Elsevier. This firm, which is based in the Netherlands, owns more than 2,000 journals, including such top-ranking titles as Cell and the Lancet. However Dr Gowers, who won the Fields medal, mathematics’s equivalent of a Nobel prize, in 1998, is n...

   Information,Price,Value,Facebook,Social network     2012-02-07 06:24:53

  Baidu is in a deadly crisis

In past few days, there was some news about Baidu(China's Google) which put this search engine giant in China in a devastating position. The news is about that the owners of a Tieba(Similar to Google Group) were replaced by a sponsored organization without notifying the original owners. This irritated the original owners of the Tieba and also the public. People are complaining that Baidu is doing something ridiculous and evil. The name of the Tieba group which was sold by Ba...

   BAIDU,NEWS,CHINA     2016-01-13 07:56:17