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  Marissa Mayer has something to say about work from home

A few months ago Yahoo started to prohibit employees working from home. This controversial decision attracts many arguments about work from home. Previously we published one article Silicon Valley engineers have something to say about work from home. Now the key person behind this prohibition expresses her opinion about this. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer responded to the policy of prohibiting working from home the first time on Thursday. She said that when people were working together they could be m...

   Work from home,Yahoo, Marissa Mayer     2013-04-19 22:54:44

  Are you ready for Facebook's phone?

According  to Sina Tech, Facebook will announce its own phone today in US. They will also release its new Android application. The Facebook phone is manufactured by HTC, the model will be HTC First. This will be a deeply customized Facebook phone, some IT professionals think this phone's name is very similar to HTC's flag model HTC One. This phone may provide a home screen application named Facebook Home. Facebook Home adopts the minimization design, it can display photos in full screen. T...

   Facebook phone,HTC,Facebook Home     2013-04-04 07:01:12

  Silicon Valley engineers have something to say about work from home

Quitting from Google and joined Yahoo which was thought as a declining giant, Marissa Mayer has been trying to prove that she has the ability to lead this Internet giant to reverse the decline. In order to boost the low morale of the employees, Meyer tried to transplant Google's work culture to Yahoo with office decoration, free lunch and issuance of smart phones, these generous measures let her win the applause of the Silicon Valley.But a recent ban issued by Meyer has attracted a lot of contro...

   Work from home,Yahoo, Marissa Mayer     2013-03-07 02:39:23

  Use of mouse (entertainment)

What will you do after you buy a new mouse? Will you throw your old mouse away? Actually, we can reuse our old mouse and make some beautiful products with our unused mouse. Here are some pictures about the use of mouse.Original author : 阮一峰 Source :

   mouse,use,entertainment     2012-06-02 02:34:42

  There is no privacy in front of Facebook Home

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of Facebook Home application. It will be available for Android users on 12th April. But there is one thing to be noted. What's about our privacy? Facebook is questioned by public about its privacy issues. Facebook Home is deeply integrated with Android and has fully control of the entry of user. This makes people who care about privacy alert. The editor of Gigaom Malik expressed his own worries in one article. Here is what he wrote: The new Hom...

   Facebook Home,Privacy     2013-04-05 10:51:46

  Android Hardware Buttons are not broken, let me tell you why

This post is written as a reaction on Christoffer Du Rietz’s article The Android Hardware-Buttons Are Broken. In his article Christoffer explains how the Android back button shows inconsistent behavior like doing different actions when it is used on the same screen.In the following article I will try to explain that this behavior is not broken. Instead it is exactly what the Android developers had in mind while designing the back button behavior.The way the back button is broken according to C...

   Android,Hardware,Button,Protect     2011-11-03 13:38:21

  Features of Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

In today's Google IO 2012 in San Francisco, Google announced its new Android system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It's a whole new Android OS and many new features are added to it. Let's check out what new features are added to Jelly Bean.1.  Projector ButterIt uses VSync and Tripple buffering to improve the interactivity experience and increase frame rate. It makes Jelly Bean the fastest and smoothest Android ever2. New home screenYou can customize the home screen. You can re-size the home scree...

   Android, Google IO, Android 4.1, Kelly Bean     2012-06-27 12:49:49

  The Day Programmer vs. The Night Programmer

This post is a slightly edited form of an e-mail that I sent around internally last year. But it was suggested to me recently that I post it up to my blog to see what people think – am I right or wrong? Over the years I’ve come to the belief that there are two kinds of programmer in the world, no matter what technology they work with, lets call them:         1. Day Programmers        2. Night Programmers Now – day pr...

   Programmer,Day programmer,Night programmer,Difference     2012-03-05 05:12:09

  How GitHub Works: Hours are Bullshit

Frederick Winslow Taylor wrote the seminal analysis of management and efficiency in 1911 with The Principles of Scientific Management. He took the first scientific approach towards maximizing efficiency in manufacturing jobs. Time is money. Faster is better. More hours are better. Hours are bullshit Hours are great ways to determine productivity in many industries, but not ours. Working in a startup is a much different experience than working in a factory. You can’t throw more time at a prob...

   Work,Style,Time,Efficiency,Code,Enforcem     2011-08-19 07:42:32

  The Hungry Programmer

Programming is a lot like eating. Tonight I was hungry. I wasn't at home. I couldn't go to the kitchen for a snack. I looked around and saw only McDonald's across the street. Then I was struck with the same dilemma that I face whenever I leave the comfort of my own home for any decent spread of time: Do I eat crappy food now and satisfy that hunger? Or do I stay hungry for a little longer and eat a healthy meal back at home? As I pondered this dilemma I couldn't help but notice how much i...

   Programmer,Hungry,Coder,Coding     2012-01-19 11:04:30