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  Use of Erlang in WhatsApp

After many years, people are still discussing whether Erlang is a small language. People have all sorts of doubt about it, but with the appearance of WhatsApp, we may change our mind. What is WhatsApp, from its official website: WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The more funny thing is the main developer of WhatsApp Rick Reed worked in Yahoo and SGI before he joined WhatsApp and he didn't have any know...

   Erlang,WhatsApp,Architecture     2013-06-16 03:03:46

  The use of Erlang in Facebook chat

Erlang  is a general-purpose concurrent, garbage-collected programming language and runtime system. It stays strong while building concurrency programs. Erlang provides language-level features for creating and managing processes with the aim of simplifying concurrent programming. It has large application in many chat service well known now such as Whatsapp and initial version of Facebook chat. Previously we have written an article Use of Erlang in WhatsApp. In this post, we will talk about...

   Facebook,Erlang     2014-02-25 07:12:36

  WeChat owns 70 million users now out of China

According to 36 Kr, on this year's Tencent Partner Conference, Tencent president Zhiping Liu announced that WeChat had more than 70 million users out of China, it entered Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Mexico and other countries. And it has become the No.1 IM app in Mexico .While in early April, WeChat had only 40 million users abroad. In just three months, 30 million news users started to use WeChat.Tencent spares no effort to promote WeChat to the international market. ...

   WeChat,Internationalization,China,Tencent     2013-07-03 03:09:34

  WeChat has 100 million international users now

Just one month ago, Tencent announced that it had 70 million international users outside of China mainland. Today, they announced that WeChat hit 100 million international users. In just one month, the international users increase by 30 million. WeChat becomes one of the most tough competitors in the international IM market. Although there are still Whatsapp, Line and some other IMs, WeChat provides many different robust features, especially in the newly released WeChat 5. The new features in W...

   WeChat,Tencent,Internationalization     2013-08-20 02:38:14

  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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       2017-02-01 03:14:42

  Telecom elements in WeChat

As an engineer who spends much time on focusing on WeChat like applications(Skype, Fring, Viber, Kik Messenger, WhatsApp, Talkbox, LINE, Kakao Talk) , I would like to share with you the telecom element in WeChat to show the inheritance and integration of traditional telecom services in the Internet service and applications.First, WeChat is an application to send messages, the fully IP-based messaging capabilities may replace the traditional telecom services such as SMS, MMS and VMS ,This is ver...

   WeChat,Telecom operator     2013-04-13 20:29:46

  10 Best Android Apps of 2016

The year 2016 has been gone with all its good and bad memories. But in the field of information technology, this year was another boost in which the field rapidly grew and explores some more essentials for the ease of users. In the field of mobile apps, specially users of Android OS, the year 2016 was awesome because in this year, they got many useful apps created by the highly qualified app developers of the world.Experts of Android OS rounded up a lot of apps created in the year 2016 and they ...