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  A Hello, World Servlet

Servlets are the pure Java solution to handle web requests. Many application will use servlets instead of JSP and others will use servlets in conjunction with JSP. Experienced JSP programmers use servlets in conjunction with JSP to create clearer and simpler applications. The servlets handle Java processing: form handing, calculation and database queries. JSP formats the results. Servlets belong in WEB-INF/classes. On this machine, the source is in Java source in /var/www/hosts/

   Web.xml,Tomcat,Servlet,WEB-INF     2011-05-08 10:31:39

  Use Java ThreadLocal with caution

According to Oracle documentation, ThreadLocal is a class provides thread-local variables. These variables differ from their normal counterparts in that each thread that accesses one (via its get or set method) has its own, independently initialized copy of the variable. ThreadLocal instances are typically private static fields in classes that wish to associate state with a thread. In short, ThreadLocal variables are variables belong to a thread, not a class or an instance of a class. One common...

   JAVA,MEMORY LEAK, THREADLOCAL     2015-11-03 07:31:57

  Extending Native Features To HTML5 Web Apps

A small company called AppMobi is enabling developers to create HTML5 apps that tap into native hardware and OS capabilities of mobile devices, such as gravity sensing, accelerometer, GPS, camera, sound and vibration, and the file system, InfoWorld reports. 'Its MobiUs browser for iOS implements HTML5's DirectCanvas API for gaming, as well as the HTML5 local storage API for saving executables and data in the browser cache so that apps can run offline. But what makes MobiUs more than just ye...

   HTML,WebApp,Hardware,Local storage,Gravity accelaration,AppMobi     2011-11-07 02:57:08

  8 very useful and free web security testing tools

With more pervasive of web applications, web security threats are becoming increasingly prominent. Hackers gain web server control by exploiting web server vulnerabilities and SQL injection vulnerabilities, then they may tamper with web content, or steal important internal data, the more serious is to inject malicious code into web pages to affect visitors of websites. Attention is gradually warming up to Web Application Security. Here we recommend eight very useful and free web security testing...

   Website, security,Web security,Attack     2012-07-22 10:59:09

  It’s Not Too Late to Learn How to Code

Coding is sort of like a superpower; with it you can create things that millions of people see. You can change the way people behave, the way they think, and the way they interact with others. This is beyond awesome, but I’ve also met a lot of people that think that this ability is inaccessible to them. I’ve met a lot of “non-technical” people who seem to think that this superpower is only bestowed on those fortunate enough to have it come easily to them at a very early age.I took two Co...

   Tips,Coding,Preparation,Interest     2011-10-17 11:26:38

  Why PHP Was a Ghetto

Note: I wrote this over a month ago, but decided not to publish it until now.I was talking with the Co-founder of a pretty cool start-up in DUMBO the other day about why the non-PHP development world generally has such disdain for PHP and the community surrounding it. He brought up an interesting point that stuck with me, largely because I hadn’t heard it before.If you’re unaware of the usual beef most developers have with PHP, it tends to revolve around:Ugly syntaxL...

   PHP,Framework,MVC     2011-05-06 00:35:37

  The Death Of The Spec

Earlier today, my colleague Matt Burns wrote a post noting that most tablet makers may be largely failing because they’ve sold their soul to Android and are now just in the middle of a spec war, which no one can win. I’m gonna go one step further in that line of thinking: the spec is dead.There have been a few key stories from the past couple of weeks that highlight this new reality. Barnes & Noble unveiled the new Nook Tablet. Consumer Reports looked at the iPhone 4S...

   Specification,Android,Platform,Software design     2011-11-15 08:20:22

  HTML5 Drag and Drop Upload and File API Tutorial

Update #3: Using the techniques outlined in this article I have rolled out and initial release of free to download the JS source (it is heavily commented) and take a look at how it was rolled out. Unfortunately the required File API support is only in Chrome and Firefox currently, Safari gets it in version 6, Opera possibly in version 11 and possibly IE 10 (9 has no support).IntroductionOver the last day I’ve been trying to learn how to use the new HTML5 Drag a...

   HTML5,Drag and drop,DnD,File API,Tutorial,Coding     2011-10-29 13:47:14

  Best “must know” open sources to build the new Web

Here the dump of my ultimate collection of online Web development resources and directory, oriented for the Front-End user Interface (UI). HTML5 and all related open standards are moving fast, but for now, building a whole Website/WebApp on top of that can be very inconsistent, especially across various browsers experiences.   So… how to embrace new awesome web technologies ? Now, as Web Developers and Designers, we have to build on top of more stable framework. It’s here that co...

   Open source,Wbesite,Web application,HTML     2011-06-09 03:10:24