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  Female friendly programming languages

Women are minorities among programmers. It seems programming languages are created for males, either. They are full of maths and weird jargon. Are there programming languages which are female friendly? What kind of programming languages can be considered as female friendly? Gayle Laakmann McDowel shared her views on which are female friendly programming languages. Women are 87.3% more likely to prefer languages like Ruby and Perl, because they remind us of shiny objects. All women love shiny ob...

   Programming,Female     2013-09-05 09:03:36

  Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3

On 27, July, Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC 1 was released, if there are no major bugs found in this release, then it will be the final released Twitter Bootstrap 3 with some minor changes. What changes does Bootstrap 3 have compared to Bootstrap 2? After checking the documents, we can find that there are mainly 3 changes. Embrace flat design In Bootstrap 3, it begins to embrace flat design. First from the official webpage of Bootstrap 3, we can find elements are flat designed. Also, all buttons have no...

   Bootstrap 3,Change,Bootstrap 2     2013-08-05 07:06:22

  Open Letter to sites with annoying interfaces

Remember those childhood games where you are given two nearly identical images and your objective was to find some number of subtle differences? Well, I shouldn't have to play that game when I'm using your damn website. I show here two examples of a common practice that is plaguing the modern web. First, a clipping from a project page on     And now the second image:     See the difference? My question is this: why? That edit button is the only component of...

   Web design,User interface,User friendly,Layout     2011-12-27 09:32:10

  strange thing in PHP session variable and local variable

A few minutes ago, I noticed one strange thing when I did my PHP web application development.The situation is described below:I want to display a user's profile using a query parameter user=user_id as the parameter. And also the session variable when user logs in  is $_SESSION["user"].So before displaying the user's profile, I need to either get the query string parameter user and create a local variable called $user and assign value to it as $user=$_REQUEST["user"].Here comes the strange t...

   PHP,session,variable name,change automat     2011-06-13 12:23:59

  Cross platform portable class libraries and .net

What’s that happy little feature developers are admiring? Oh that’s Portable class libraries that have been chugging along, during their thing and delivering to the point results wherever used by developers. If a developer is not writing .net applications for multiple targets, then he likely hasn’t bumped into these libraries. However, developers who are writing .net apps and want these apps to run on every platform from watches to tablets to desktops to the cloud, they can ava..., Cross platform     2015-01-12 05:06:44

  Google's acquisition of Quickoffice threatens Microsoft

Windows has over 90% market share in desktop operating systems, even though now other OS such as Mac OS and Linux are saying they are more user friendly, more stable and safer than Windows, Windows still has a weapon MS Office which can defeat all of them. However, with the development of mobile network and cloud computing, Windows is now challenged by different competitors on mobile and cloud areas.  Mobile and cloud are weak sides of Microsoft , but they are strength of Google.Google sudd...

   Google,QuickOffice,Microsoft,MS Office     2012-06-07 11:40:10

  3 Mistakes Website Owners Must Avoid to Enjoy SEO Success

The first thing a consumer asks themselves when they enter any website/webpage is whether they should stay or not. A consumer has just a few seconds during which, you have a chance to capture and retain them or else they will go. Whether or not they stay depends on a number of factors, but these are things that you can improve in on-site SEO, assisted of course by the web design and development team. Read on to find the three biggest peeves that are causing high bounce rates on your site and ho...

   SEO,WEB DESIGN     2015-11-20 02:33:07

  Want to be a programmer? Top programming languages that will be result driven in 2017

Programmers are always high in demand in software industry: take any corporate blue chip Software Company India for instance; programmers are playing a pivotal role in company’s business and relevant growth. In that case if you are planning to pursue a programmer’s career and earn fat package, here goes the range of option for your further study. Alternatively, if you are an employer and you want to understand the basic idea of coding, the outline description of popular programming ...


  Some famous article aggregators

Blogs are still very important places for people sharing their thoughts about something although some social media platforms have replaced some of these capabilities. As a blog writer, how can you let others know what you are thinking about? Besides your friends and social media platforms, there are some article aggregators around us which can help us promote our articles. Other than some aggregators like Google News, readers can submit articles to these sites themselves What are some famous art...

   News aggregator,Reddit,Digg,Hacker News     2013-08-12 03:34:37

  App defeats web

As an admired rock musician and co-founder of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners, Roger McNamee has a statement about Apple : The reason why Apple is so successful today is because App defeats Web.Apple divides contents of web into small apps, and then ask users to pay. This actually means that Apple creates a new business model which is fundamentally different from Web.Commodity Content and Differential ContentCommodity Content is the information model in desktop and web era which is h...

   App,Web,Apple,HTML5     2012-05-16 05:16:00