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  Will China surpass United States on innovation?

I had some discussions on whether China would surpass United States on innovation with some entrepreneurs during last weekend's APEC. The conclusion is United Stats has advantages on innovation today, but in the future, China's innovation will be more widespread and successful. For the next 10 years, what advantages do United States and China have? Actually United States has obvious advantages, especially on innovation structure and innovation culture. Technology -- It's undoubted that Unit...

   Innovation,China,United States     2013-07-15 04:40:12

  Australian software engineer got asked algorithm question when entering US

The whole world knows that security and background checks get tighten for people to enter US since Donald Trump took office. But have you ever heard about getting algorithm question asked during the immigration check interview while entering United States? Recently an Australian software engineer David Thornton had such an experience when he tried to enter US. (Image from David is a software engineer from Sydney and he is a 24-year-old studied computer sci...

   NEWS,DONALD TRUMP,UNITED STATES     2017-03-04 12:07:54

  Market share of Android approaches 70% globally

According to Sina Tech, research firm Kantar Worldpanel's latest report shows that market share of Android phones exceeds 70% in UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain from March to May, thus drives the global market share of Android close to 70% .The report shows that despite the popularity of smart phones in developed countries slows down, but Android continues its growth. During this period, market share of Android in Europe is 70.4% which is nearly 10% higher than the same period last year. Ap...

   Android,Market share,Europe     2013-07-01 08:21:56

  The new TV rating standard: Nielsen + Twitter

Recently, the market research company Nielsen and Twitter made an agreement to propose an new TV rating standard based on Twitter chats in the U.S television market in the fall of 2013, The new standard is called "Nielsen Twitter TV Rating", it will be the complement of Nielsen's traditional rating standard.Steve Hasker, president of Nielsen Global media advertising says "'Nielsen Twitter TV Rating" is a milestone in the entire television industry, Now not only television producers but also adve...

   Nelson, Twitter, TV rating     2012-12-18 12:56:18

  Surface Pro available in mainland China on April 2

According to 36Kr, the Surface Pro will available in mainland China, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong , New Zealand and the United Kingdom starting from the end of March. Now the confirmed news is Surface Pro will be on sale in mainland China at 9:00pm on April 2 officially. The Surface Pro price in the United States is 64GB/$899, 128GB/$999. If it's the same in China, then the cheapest Surface Pro should be nearly ¥5600,the 128 GB Surface Pro will be up to ¥6200.Surface Pro configu...

   Surface Pro,China,Sale     2013-03-28 08:51:00

  WeChat owns 70 million users now out of China

According to 36 Kr, on this year's Tencent Partner Conference, Tencent president Zhiping Liu announced that WeChat had more than 70 million users out of China, it entered Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Mexico and other countries. And it has become the No.1 IM app in Mexico .While in early April, WeChat had only 40 million users abroad. In just three months, 30 million news users started to use WeChat.Tencent spares no effort to promote WeChat to the international market. ...

   WeChat,Internationalization,China,Tencent     2013-07-03 03:09:34

  When can Chinese buy fresh food online?

Farmigo is an online agricultural marketing platform. Farmers can post their own products, people can directly purchase their favorite ingredients on it. Farmigo promises that fresh ingredients will be sent to the designated location within 48 hours, but the price is 20-30% cheaper than the supermarket.In other words, Farmigo itself does not sell agricultural products, it just plays a platform intermediary role. Their advantages to attract consumers are fresh ingredients supply, home delivery a...

   Agriculture, Online sales, B2B     2012-12-12 13:37:03

  2 million iPhone 5 sold in China in 3 days

Apple announces that since it was available in China from last Friday, iPhone 5 has been sold over 2 million units in 3 days. iPhone 5 was available for sale in China starting from 14th Dec, the price is 5288RMB and up, there are two cooperated vendors in China : China Telecom and China Unicom. They start sell iPhone 5 on their own sales channels, moreover Apple starts selling iPhone in their own Apple Store and official website. According to Tim Cook, because of the high demand of Apple product...

   iPhone 5, China, Sale     2012-12-17 12:27:59

  The Best Hackers In The World All Come From One Country

Facebook, Zynga, and other hot companies use Interview Street to recruit programmers. Interview Street posts programming challenges and invites contenders to solve as many as they can. According to their message board, nine of Interview Street's top ten hackers are all from China. One is from an unknown country. A hacker called ralekseenkov, who is ranked number 11, is from the United States. What does that say about the talent crunch here? Read more:

   Hacker,Country,China,Microsoft     2012-04-11 13:17:55

  The rather petite Internet of 1995

As you may know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, sometimes we like to take a trip down memory lane. It’s time for another one of those trips, to the murky past of the Internet and the dawning World Wide Web of 1995.Let’s start first with the people who actually use the Internet. How many were there back then?Worldwide Internet users in 1995Today there are almost 2 billion Internet users worldwide. In 2000, there were 361 million worldwide. But go back even farther in time and you...

   Internet,Web,1995,Netscape,Microsoft,Net     2011-05-27 12:50:46