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  Is Shared Hosting Secure?

Shared hosting is incredibly popular with users who are looking for the cheapest hosting available – the problem is that along with the low price you get poor performance and even more concerning – questionable security. When running on a shared host dozens if not hundreds of other sites are running on the same servers – this means any single security flaw in any of those applications can compromise the entire server. This  dramatically increases the odds of your server being co...

   Shared hosting,Virtual host,Security,Data security     2012-02-14 10:48:59

  Change password of postgres account in Postgres

When installing Postgres on Windows, there is some default account created for user to login. One of them is postgres, but we often don;t know what's the password for this account when we first login using this account. We need to change the password for this account. How to change it? Step 1. Modify the pg_hba.conffile Go to the /data/ and open the pg_hba.conf. # TYPE  DATABASE        USER            ...

   Postgres,password, user account     2013-03-04 01:51:02

  What are your list of must know programming proverbs?

It is in fact a good list of proverbs and here are some of the frequently seen programming proverbs. Keep It Simple Stupid Don’t Repeat Yourself A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it – Einstein Silence is construed as approval  ( Picked from Kevin blog ) There is no smoke without fire Think first, Program later Never assume the computer assumes anything Don't trust anything from the user input Do you have any favorite of the programming proverbs? ...

   PROGRAMMING,TIPS     2011-07-01 07:00:56

  When a CA becomes untrustable

Information security has become a vital part of people's life, especially for those people who spend much time online. Tons of data are being transmitted over the internet every second. These data include user ids, passwords, credit card information etc and some of them are sensitive information which needs secure way to transmit. Hence different protocols have been developed including SSL/TLS to encrypt data transmitted over the internet. The core of these security protocols is the certifi...


  Future of Healthcare Application Development Goes Beyond Your Expectations

Healthcare application development sector is still progressing and growing with changing needs of medial sector. While healthcare apps are hot now, the future of healthcare app development sector lies in technology implementation and consultation. In this article, we will discuss majorly on four facts – Which healthcare apps are hot now? What is the future of medical health? Which medical apps you can trust? What to look for in medical health apps? Let us discuss on all of these fa...


  Pay Your Programmers $200/hour

If you are hiring programmers, you should pay them $200/hr. This breaks through otherwise impenetrable psychological barriers, helps solve the agency problem, and ensures you are only hiring programmers when you really need them. Expectations $200/hr is an open declaration of your expectations. It states that you are expecting to hire both a professional and an expert in the field. As a programmer, I treat contracts that pay me $200/hr differently from jobs/contracts that pay me $65/hr eq...

   Salary,Programmer,Responsibility,Urgency,Value     2011-12-31 15:34:57

  Never ever touch a programmer

This is a technical license plate block example. We don't know whether it is working or not, however, the idea is very good. When you drive through some of the junctions, the camera captures the license number and convert it into text with OCR, and then insert them into the database. Therefore, this license plate on the car becomes a SQL injection. This picture tells us -- never trust user input.Author : 陈皓 Source :

   Programmer,SQL injection     2012-04-21 01:19:48

  Why Firefox Isn't Doomed

This has been a rough year for Mozilla and its Firefox team. Once the darling of the Web and the champion of the oppressed against Microsoft and Internet Explorer, Firefox is facing stiff competition from its primary benefactor and backlash from users. Chrome also seems to be the preferred browser of Web developers. Naturally, this means speculation about the future of Firefox. Has Firefox had better years? Absolutely. Does this mean that Firefox is "doomed"? Not so fast. Google Will Pro...

   Firefox,Market share,Competition,Google     2011-12-15 07:39:27

  Tribute to Java On Successful Completion Of 20 Years

There is a great news for fans of Java that this week Java have completed its 20 years of success and that’s why it is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Java is a language which show legacy with the piece of technology and this is virtually important as the powerful programming methods and related machines are JVM (java virtual machine). SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF NEW VERSIONS Java developers are specially celebrating their event due to the huge success of their language and they get success a...

   Java software development, Java development services     2015-05-29 08:23:52

  Opinion: Top 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Own Business

1. However much money you think you'll need to start a business, you should take that number and double it I thought I had strategically planned every penny when I first started, but I had no idea that there would be so many unanticipated costs. Since we have a home office, I use temporary commercial office space and conference solutions for meetings and demonstrations. We always like to buy lunch for our clients, and we like them to lunch well. By the time everything is factored in, depen...

   startup,own ownership,business,care     2011-08-22 12:10:18