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  The tic-tac-toe game with Python

In this tutorial, we will show how to build a tic-tac-toe game with Python. We will use functions,arrays,if statements,while statements, for loops and error handling etc. First, we need to create two functions, the first function will display the borad of the game: def print_board(): for i in range(0,3): for j in range(0,3): print map[2-i][j], if j != 2: print "|", print "" Here we used two for loops to loop through the map, this map is...

   Python,Tic-Tac-Toe     2013-07-30 02:49:09

  What are some lesser known but useful Unix commands?

A few that come to mind, some less known, some more: xargs or parallel: run things in parallel, with lots of options sed and awk: more well-known but still super useful for processing text files, and faster than Python or Ruby m4: simple macro processor screen: powerful terminal multiplexing and session persistence yes: print a string a lot cal: nice calendar env: run a command (useful in scripts) look: find English words (or lines in a file) beginning with a string cut and paste and join: data...

   Linux,Unix,Command,Less used     2011-12-27 09:27:49

  Free jQuery UI themes

jQuery UI is a jQuery User Interface library, it provides many frequently used components and functions. It consists of datepicker, slider, progress bar and drag and drop support etc. Also it has many themes, you can use ThemeRoller to customize your own theme. But with ThemeRoller, we can still find the shadow of jQuery UI. If you want some highly customized, free and high quality jQuery themes such as Bootstrap, Windows-Metro, then the following themes may suit you. 1. jQuery UI Bootstrap jQu...

   jQuery UI, Theme     2012-10-20 10:59:20

  FTP Must Die

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is specified in RFC 959, published in October 1985. The attempt in this specification is to satisfy the diverse needs of users of maxi-hosts, mini-hosts, personal workstations, and TACs, with a simple, and easily implemented protocol design.That's from the introduction. Does anyone here know what a TAC is? I don't. I had to look it up, since the acronym wasn't even expanded in the RFC. It took three tries in Google, and I finally found it in some obscur...

   FTP,Future,Death,Trend,Protocol     2012-02-06 08:13:36

  A list of English abbreviations

When we read emails or short message on our phone, we will often see some words such as FYI or LOL etc. Do you know their meanings, right? But some of the abbreviations we may not know or cannot remember clearly. Here is a list of English abbreviations which may be useful to you in the future when you want to check them.      Numbers:    &n"sp;   2 = to/too   2B or not 2B = To be or not to be   4 = for   4ever = forever  A:   ...

   Abbreviation,English,Summary     2012-07-05 23:41:06

  Concise bash programming skills

The following are some concise bash programming skills which we may need in our daily programming work. 1. Check status of command execution The usual way: echo abcdee | grep -q abcd   if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo "Found" else echo "Not found" fi Concise way: if echo abcdee | grep -q abc; then echo "Found" else echo "Not found" fi Of course you can remove if...else with following code [Sun Nov 04 05:58 AM] [kodango@devops] ~/workspace $ echo abcdee | grep -q ...

   bash, skill,tip     2012-11-06 10:38:42