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  Looking for a Job? Learn Ruby, Python and be a Team Player!

What makes a great software engineer and perhaps more importantly, what skills will most likely land you a sweet job?  Mixtent and KISSMetrics analyzed LinkedIn data and surveyed users on perceptions of candidate skill levels based on their profiles and purported skill sets. The key findings? Python engineers are perceived as better engineersEngineers with teamwork, dedication and a solid work ethic are perceived as better engineers.  Creativity and communication skills are...

   Job seeking,Skills,Python,Ruby,Teamwork     2011-12-06 09:03:29

  Google engineer: What I learned in the war

Veteran's Day is an ideal time to hear from one of those rare folks who combine corporate and military careers. Dan Cross, a software engineer at Google (GOOG) and a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, took a leave to serve active duty in Afghanistan, came home a year ago, and brought back lessons that he couldn't have learned in business. While he had never seen himself as the military type until a personal tragedy made him reroute his career, he's a better man for it. Cross, 34, is now an...

   Military,Marine,Google,Engineer,Lessons,Teamwork     2011-11-12 10:36:03

  Do You Morph Into A Different Programmer?

Every experience you have as a software developer should change you in some way. And I don’t just mean growing older by virtue of time passing. Everything you do should evolve your understanding of your craft (and/or related skills) or your understanding of yourself – which ultimately achieves the same goal. I am not just talking about major milestones in your software development career like switching jobs, becoming a leader/manager or starting you own company. Every job, every proje...

   Programmer,Steps,Process,Developer     2011-08-18 08:59:01

  Some useful Linux commands for teamwork

A small development team in the intranet will frequently transfer codes, share files. Here are some command we use frequently to release some of our work. They are not applicable to Windows users. 1. Output program execution output through GTalk. Sometimes we may need to send the program execution result and log to teammates for debugging using IM. These outputs are very troublesome to copy and send while in command line mode. So we could have a program called which can put GTalk as a p...

   Linux,NFS,GTalk,HTTP     2013-01-16 04:36:33