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  Sundar Pichai : Excited to try out iOS 7

Google Android business executives Sundar Pichai said on Twitter that he was excited to try out iOS7 beta and he would like to register as a Apple developer in order to experience iOS 7 early.The real reason why Sundar Pichai expresses interest on iOS 7 is not yet known, but at least "Know thyself, ever-victorious" is correct. Because as a person who is in charge of Android, he should grasp the status of competitors in order to know what the Android system can improve.However, Apple's iOS 7 appl...

   iOS 7,Google,Sundar Pichai     2013-06-12 00:57:30

  Google CEO Sundar Pichai : Google is open to return to China

At the Code Conference on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed his thought on Google's position in China. He expressed the openness of Google to return to China. "Google is in China....But Google Search is not there in China...But personally for me, I care about serving users globally in every corner. I always thought Google is for everyone, that applies to China, too. So wherever possible, we want to be in China to serve Chinese users....If we do it in a right and thoug...


  Google may integrate Chrome OS and Android to build Google OS

A few days ago Google announced Andy Rubin would not in charge of Android anymore and Sundar Pichai would take over Andy Rubin's position. This triggers many guesses on the future direction of the Chrome OS and Android operating system.According to Digitimes, Google is likely to integrate the Chrome OS and Android to build an unified Google OS. But to challenge Windows in the global notebook market, this new system may be in a difficult time in next 1 or 2 years.Google and Acer have indicated b...

   Google OS,Sundar Pichai     2013-03-16 23:55:24

  Google is returning back to China

It has been five years since Google announced its difficult decision to leave China in 2010. The well known reason was that Google didn't want to conform to China's censorship request on sensitive information. During these five years, many stories happened bbetween these two sides. Things may turn around now as there are a few indications where Google may return back to China at an appropriate time soon. The most convincing indication is that a customized Google play -- Google online shop may a...

   Google,China,Alphabet,Google play     2015-09-06 04:13:30

  Alphabet chooses the domain extension .xyz

Google has been restructured and it now has a parent company which is called Alphabet. This new company will fully own the original "Google". Larry Page will be the CEO of Alphabet and Sergey Brin will be the president of the new company. Sundar Pichai will be the new CEO of the new Google. The new Google will continue its current business with some slimmed changes. While Alphabet will focus on working on the next generation of Internet and creating more billion user companies and services...

   Google, Alphabet,XYZ, Domain name     2015-08-10 20:18:33

  Google Drive will support offline editing soon

Normal 0 7.8 pt 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE    Google Drive,Offline editing,Cloud computing     2012-06-04 06:42:47

  For Google CEO Larry Page, a Difficult Premiere Role

When Google Inc. co-founder Larry Page announced that he would take over as chief executive earlier this year, he promised that he would shake up the Internet search giant to speed up decision making. Instead, much of the shaking up has happened to the new CEO.Challenges have piled up for Mr. Page since he assumed his post in April. They include a broad U.S. antitrust probe of the company's practices; the settlement of a long-running criminal investigation into Google's adver...

   Google,CEO,Lary Page,Motorola,Role     2011-08-31 08:55:43