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  5 good anti SOPA designs

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a United States bill to expand the ability of U.S. law enforcement to combat online copyright infringement and online trafficking in counterfeit goods. Its goal is to protect the intellectual-property market and corresponding industry, jobs and revenue. However since its proposal, many organizations protest against it as they believed it would threaten free speech and innovation, and enable law enforcement to block access to entire internet domains due t...

   SOPA,PIPA,design     2013-12-24 03:26:31

  Why Aren't Other SOPA Supporters Being Punished Like GoDaddy?

Even though it recanted (somewhat unconvincingly) its support of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), domain registrar GoDaddy continues to lose thousands of domains as an online campaign to punish GoDaddy is proving highly effective. The boycott campaign began on reddit on December 22. A day later GoDaddy announced its withdrawal of support for the House legislation it actually helped craft. And still GoDaddy has lost more than 70,000 domains in less than a week, with the prospe...

   GoDaddy,SOPA,boycott,Reason,Punishment     2011-12-27 09:38:27

  Coding skill and the decline of stagnation

I am a decent programmer. I know a decent amount of computer science theory, I can type correct code fairly easy. I don’t let my classes expand too much. But I still struggle some with math, and I have a tendency to have too many cross-dependencies in my code. I used to think I was an awesome programmer. One of the best. After I made a game in the first programming lesson in school, I got told to don’t bother showing up for the rest. I was the one who taught all my friends what big O n...

   Coding style,SOPA,Stagnation,Decline     2012-01-14 12:05:10

  The False Ideals of the Web

WE who love the Internet love the fact that so many people contribute to it. It’s hard to believe that skeptics once worried about whether anyone would have anything worthwhile to say online. There is, however, an outdated brand of digital orthodoxy that ought to be retired. In this worldview, the Internet is a never-ending battle of good guys who love freedom against bad guys like old-fashioned Hollywood media moguls. The bad guys want to strengthen copyright law, and make it i...

   Web,False idea,Free,SOPA     2012-01-19 10:24:25

  The Death of File Sharing

Last week’s violent government attack on the hugely popular site Megaupload — the U.S. government arresting Belgian citizens in New Zealand, of all places, and stealing at gunpoint servers bank accounts and property — has sent shock waves through the entire digital world. The first shock was the realization that the gigantic protest against legislative moves (SOPA and PIPA) that would smash the Internet turned out to be superfluous. The thing everyone wanted to prevent is already here. SOP...

   File sharing,Death,Trend,Cloud     2012-02-01 04:44:06