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  How One Missing `var` Ruined our Launch

Well, that was a veritable shitstorm (sorry for the language).  Long story short, MelonCard was featured today on TechCrunch (along with other500Startups companies, also on VentureBeat, Forbes, …) and everything broke all at once.  Every. little. thing.  We had rolled out a huge change to MelonCard over the last few days to make our site a seamless “everything just updates” look-good / feel-good product using NodeJS long-polling w...

   JavaScript,NodeJs,jQuery,Variable,Scope,Global     2011-11-02 13:01:22

  Meta tag in HTML header

In server response, we can use response.setHeader() to set the meta information in header of a HTML page. The usage is response.setHeader(name,context); meta is used to simulate the response header of HTTP protocol in HTML page. It should be put between the <head> and </head> tag. 1. <meta name="Generator" content="" > <!--This is to specify the tool which generates this page such as Microsoft FrontPage 4.0 etc --> 2. <meta name="keywords" content=""> <!-- To tel...

   HTTP,meta,HTML,head     2013-05-22 11:34:08

  Should All Web Traffic Be Encrypted?

The prevalence of free, open WiFi has made it rather easy for a WiFi eavesdropper to steal your identity cookie for the websites you visit while you're connected to that WiFi access point. This is something I talked about in Breaking the Web's Cookie Jar. It's difficult to fix without making major changes to the web's infrastructure. In the year since I wrote that, a number of major websites have "solved" the WiFi eavesdropping problem by either making encrypted HTTPS web traffic an accou...

   Web traffic,Security,HTTPS.Encryption,Wifi     2012-02-24 05:02:58

  Why I left Google

Ok, I relent. Everyone wants to know why I left and answering individually isn’t scaling so here it is, laid out in its long form. Read a little (I get to the punch line in the 3rd paragraph) or read it all. But a warning in advance: there is no drama here, no tell-all, no former colleagues bashed and nothing more than you couldn’t already surmise from what’s happening in the press these days surrounding Google and its attitudes toward user privacy and software developers. This is s...

   James Whittaker,Google,Leave,Microsoft,Ad     2012-03-14 13:43:44

  Software philosophy: Release early, release often vs polished releases

Release early, release often is a philosophy where you release the product as soon as possible and rapidly iterate it to perfection by listening to your customers. A polished release, on the other hand is where your product, in its initial version is solid, lacks obvious bugs and has just enough features to satisfy a majority of your consumers. Most software companies adopt either one of this and that choice is not superficial. In fact, it roots down to the heart of the company’s ideolo...

   Design philosophy,Release early,Release often,Polished relaese     2011-11-28 09:22:17

  Microsoft will drop support of IE8, IE9 and IE10

Microsoft will push the last set of security updates for IE8, IE9 and IE10 next Tuesday(January 12). Thereafter that Microsoft will drop support of these three versions of IE. These are some other old products given up by Microsoft since Windows 7.  IE11 will be the only Internet Explorer supported and Edge will be another star advocated by Microsoft. The good news is you will not get annoying notification from Microsoft anymore to ask you to upgrade your IE. But the bad news users&nb...

   MICROSOFT,IE,NEWS     2016-01-09 07:55:44

  API Design is UI for Developers

I’ve been thinking a lot about APIs and their design recently.I stumbled on this fantastic quote from Greg Parker: A programming language is a user interface for developers. Language authors should learn from HCI principles.22/02/2012 19:10 via webReplyRetweetFavorite@gparkerGreg ParkerWhen I first started learning C++ (back in the bad old days) I was convinced that any 1st year student could design a better programming language. One which behaved in a sane fashion without a lot of legacy ...

   API design,UI,developers,PHP     2012-03-11 13:21:43

  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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       2017-02-01 03:14:42

  Steve Jobs attacks Android just for show?

Steve Jobs has a famous statement which says Android is a stolen product. What does Google CEO Larry Page think about this statement? Recently, Page said in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek that Apple hates Android just for show. He believes people should not look only to the competitions, but should focus on the potential cooperation opportunities to make the world better.The following is overview of the interview:Q: When you took over as CEO, one of your goals was to take the cle...

   Steve Jobs,Android,Larry Page     2012-04-08 08:30:33

  A list of English abbreviations

When we read emails or short message on our phone, we will often see some words such as FYI or LOL etc. Do you know their meanings, right? But some of the abbreviations we may not know or cannot remember clearly. Here is a list of English abbreviations which may be useful to you in the future when you want to check them.      Numbers:    &n"sp;   2 = to/too   2B or not 2B = To be or not to be   4 = for   4ever = forever  A:   ...

   Abbreviation,English,Summary     2012-07-05 23:41:06