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  IDEs for Java programmers

IDEs are great helpers to programmers. They can help programmers write less error-prone programs with less time. They have become an inevitable part of many programmers. As a Java developer, you may be familiar with Eclipse already. But do you know other IDEs for Java programmers? We will give an overview of different IDEs for Java programmers. These IDEs are Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, NetBean and BlueJ. Eclipse Eclipse is the most widely used IDE for Java programmers. It's an open source IDE whic...

   Java IDE,BlueJ,NetBeans,Eclipse     2014-08-21 06:15:54

  Tips for Remote Unix Work (SSH, screen, and VNC)

I am not where the work is If you are anything like me, you have programs running on all kinds of different servers. You probably have a github account, a free Heroku instance, a work desktop, a couple website instances, and maybe even a home server. The best part is that using common Unix tools, you can connect to all of them from one place. In this post, I will review some of the more interesting aspects of my workflow, covering the usage of SSH, screen, and VNC, including a guide for g...

   Linux,Security,SSH,Screen,GUI     2011-12-18 01:09:38

  Efficiency of code execution

If you want to optimize your program codes, you need to find their Hotspot, i.e, the codes which are executed most frequently. If you can optimize this portion of codes a bit, you may gain much improvement of your code efficiency. Here I give you three examples about efficiency of code execution.1. PHP's Getter and Setter (From Reddit)This example a quite simple, you can skip it if you want.Consider the code below, we can find it's slower when we use Getter/Setter method to read a member variabl...

   Code, Efficiency,Analysis,Trick     2012-07-13 10:59:21

  A Month With Scala

Although I’ve played around with Scala for the few months, these efforts largely involved simple scripts and casual reading. It wasn’t until last month that the opportunity to use Scala in a large scale project finally arose and I dove right in. The project was a typical REST based web service built on top of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk, SimpleDB, S3 and Redis*. First off let’s talk about why I chose Scala in the first place. After spending a good deal of my last year entrenched in...

   Scala,Functional,OOP,Java,Iteration     2011-12-10 06:03:23