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  The Disruptor In The Valley

Justin Kan and Emmett Shear watched their first startup, an online calendar called Kiko, implode when Google decided to do the same thing in 2006. They sold Kiko's scraps on eBay for $258,000 and wondered what to do with their lives. So the pair did the only thing they could think of: They went to see Paul Graham at his house in Cambridge, Mass., near Harvard Square. Graham sat them down and helped bang out a plan to create, now the Web's biggest portal for live video, with 31 million ...

   Paul Graham,Creative,Programmer,Investme     2011-08-28 04:13:43

  Cross Browser HTML5 Drag and Drop

HTML5 Drag and Drop has been talked about a lot lately, but it’s hard to find really useful information about implementing it across multiple browsers.Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft all have pages describing how to use it, but their examples seem to work only in their particular browser (Apple’s example doesn’t even work in their own! Updated, Jan. 11, 2009: Although I have not been able to get this example working on Safari 2.0.4 and 3.1.2 for OS X an...

   HTML5,Drag and drop, Demo,Source code,Cr     2011-09-20 13:42:45

  insertAdjacentHTML() Enables Faster HTML Snippet Injection

In Firefox 8, we’ve added support for insertAdjacentHTML(). It’s an ancient feature of Internet Explorer that has recently been formalized in HTML5 and then spun out into the DOM Parsing specification. The bad news is that Firefox is the last major browser to implement this feature. The good news is that since other major browsers implement it already, you can start using it unconditionally as soon as the Firefox 8 update has been rolled out to users.Basic UsageinsertAdja...

   InsertAjacentHTML,Firefox,HTML5,DOM     2011-11-10 10:52:00

  How Can Anyone Still Hate Bill Gates

David Coursey from Forbes has a nice article on Gates titled - How Can Anyone Still Hate Bill Gates?There were a couple of line in Coursey's article that rang very true.All that money you think Gates stole from you? He’s giving it back, with interest, to the world’s poorest.All that money you think Apple has overcharged people? Apple still has it and Steve got and kept his share.Steve Jobs has fittingly had a long list of tributes. He was among the greatest technologists, businessmen, m...

   Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Glory,Competition,Good guy     2011-11-05 07:08:56

  Fun With Numbers

Yesterday the NPD Group issued a report on U.S. tablet sales in the U.S., from January through October of 2011. Worth noting up front is that the numbers in this report are about sales — actual tablets sold to actual customers — not “shipments” from the factory to stores and warehouses.Much-reported on is that second-place went to HP, after its fire sale on the discontinued TouchPad. What hasn’t gotten much commentary is the extraordinarily contorted way that NPD reporte...

   Tablet,iPad,TouchPad,HP,Market share,2011     2011-11-24 09:12:58

  10 New Year’s resolutions for designers

Get the new year off to a positive start with these design resolutions Wake up. I hope you enjoyed your holiday because it’s a new year and it’s time to get back to work. We did pretty good last year. We started standing up for ourselves. We stopped working for free. We started getting our financial house in order. (Please don’t make me do the contract thing again this year.) We rediscovered typography (again). We lea...

   Designer,Chanllenge,2012,New UI     2012-01-18 09:11:02

  5 Free Open Source Chat Applications For Developers

A chat application allows users to communicate with others via texting, messaging, video and audio conferencing. While developing a web application web masters always think that they should communicate with their audience directly rather than emails, phone or contact forms, or chat applications can be used in various web applications such as social networking sites, business sites for live support etc.We understand the needs of webmasters and that’s why we searched and explored myriad of Googl...

   AJAX,Chat,Web,Chat system,Open source,Pr     2011-09-07 10:49:29

  Erlang Style Concurrency

Introduction On an evolutionary scale of innovation from one to ten (one being Bloomberg and Citi Group, eight being Google and Cirque Du Soleil, and ten being the company you couldn't imagine in your wildest dreams), the company I work for is about a three1. Being employed by this bastion of ingenuity affords me certain opportunities I can't get elsewhere. For example, every developer gets to interview potential...

   Erlang,Concurrency,Lock,Message,Innovation     2012-01-03 10:44:44

  How to Create Dynamic PDF with Image and Content in Asp.Net Development?

Aegissofttech .net developers are specialized in developing real time web applications. While working on one of such real time web app development projects, our development team discovered an easy way to create PDF template from user inputs. The developers used Java Script and web service to accomplish PDF template development. To learn how to develop these dynamic PDF with content and graphics, you can follow the below tutorial. In real time web applications, we often require to generat... development,     2015-04-27 01:11:40

  Essential skills any web developer should have

As a web developer, besides writing HTML code, there is much more to do before the site can go live. You may consider about user experience, device compatibility, security etc. To be a good web developer, you should acquire some essential skills for web development. Below we list some of them. Some of them you may be familiar with a long time ago, but definitely some of them you may not be so familiar with or even never hear about before. Interface and User Experience Be aware that browsers imp...

   Web development,User experience     2014-03-21 06:44:49