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  Why Flash didn’t work out on mobile devices

The debate over whether supporting the Adobe Flash plug-in on mobile devices is a feature or not is over. Last night, ZDNet got hold of a leaked Adobe announcement: It’s abandoning its work on Flash for mobile. It’s not a huge surprise that it came to this, since Adobe had been struggling to optimize the performance, and the tide has been turning toward HTML5.From the Adobe announcement ZDNet published:Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash develo...

   Flash,HTML5,Advantage,Merit,Mobile device,Support     2011-11-15 03:15:12

  How Can Android Win Over Developers?

We’ve heard a lot about Android’s popularity; it’s a machine that’s clearly outpacing its rivals like Apple’s iOS… in market share. It seems that, although Android is super popular and great at attracting customers, it loses support from other parties that are vital to the success of the OS, like developers. Why does Android have such a hard time winning over developers? More importantly, how can they win over the developers? Well, let’s take a quick look at the state of Android f...

   Android,Developer,Attraction,iOS,HTC     2011-08-07 23:34:50

  Those interaction methods we can play with

Smartphones have become one important part of our lives, the phone apps also play more and more important roles. They can help us live through the boring time or help us connect to our close friends fat away from us or help us get information,etc. There are also some interesting interaction methods since the birth of smartphones. We can play with them while we interact with the smartphones. Here we summarize some of them. 1. Shake Since WeChat introduces the Shake method to find people which yo...

   Interaction,Mobile device,Google glass     2013-05-07 05:21:15

  Why using anchors as buttons sucks

So let's say you're an awesome web developer making an awesome web app. One day, you add a link in the web app that has an event handler instead of an href. Testing it, you realize that your cursor doesn't change when hovering over it, unlike a normal link. You think for a minute and then give it a cursor:pointer style, which fixes the issue. You are happy.The next day, QA informs you that the link cannot be tabbed to. Confused, you do some research and find a solution to the problem: Sim...

   Anchor,Button,Link,Sucks     2012-02-05 07:22:39

  Future of Healthcare Application Development Goes Beyond Your Expectations

Healthcare application development sector is still progressing and growing with changing needs of medial sector. While healthcare apps are hot now, the future of healthcare app development sector lies in technology implementation and consultation. In this article, we will discuss majorly on four facts – Which healthcare apps are hot now? What is the future of medical health? Which medical apps you can trust? What to look for in medical health apps? Let us discuss on all of these fa...


  Automatically post to Facebook from PHP script

Facebook is currently on of the most important publishing and traffic generating sources for many websites. Manually Cross publishing content on your own site and Facebook seems like a lot of extra work. This post guides you through the creation of a Facebook application that can automatically post messages and other types of content on your Facebook wall. Getting started Building a php script that automatically posts status updates on your wall requires the following steps: Download Faceboo...

   PHP,Facebook,API,Auto post,OAuth     2012-02-27 09:03:00

  JavaScript JVM runs Java

The world of software is made slightly crazy because of the huge flexibility within any computer language. Once you have absorbed the idea of a compiler written in the language it compiles what else is there left to gawp at? But... a Java Virtual Machine JVM written in JavaScript seems like another level of insanity.In fact it is a quite reasonable idea which is only made mad by the usual positions that Java, the top dog, and JavaScript the underling, usually occupy. Java is compiled not to mach...

   JavaScript,JVM,BicaVM,Cross platform,JavaScript written JVM     2011-11-22 02:51:38

  A Hello, World Servlet

Servlets are the pure Java solution to handle web requests. Many application will use servlets instead of JSP and others will use servlets in conjunction with JSP. Experienced JSP programmers use servlets in conjunction with JSP to create clearer and simpler applications. The servlets handle Java processing: form handing, calculation and database queries. JSP formats the results. Servlets belong in WEB-INF/classes. On this machine, the source is in Java source in /var/www/hosts/

   Web.xml,Tomcat,Servlet,WEB-INF     2011-05-08 10:31:39

  10 major updates of Windows 8.1

Last night, the 2013 Microsoft Build Developer Conference started in San Francisco. The highlight of the first day is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the release of Windows 8.1 Preview . The final version will be released in November and he also mentioned that there would be over 300 updates on the new OS. Now let's summarize 10 major updates of the new OS. 1. Classical desktop mode After getting a lot of feedback from users, Microsoft adds a new setting. Users can choose to start in clas...

   Windows 8.1,Build     2013-06-27 05:45:02

  Fast tracking android app development with optimum delivery.

Most Android developers nowadays are faced with challenges of delivering optimum feature/product in due time. Most developers believe working hard will ensure their success in getting this actionable result, howbeit, working smart is the ground to get this done.   working smart brings productivity while working too hard might resolve to frustration. In this article, we will be looking at some basic tips to working smart as an android developer in order to: Fasten up your nex...

       2017-09-11 17:41:40