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  Less Is More

I originally assumed that open source was simply a means of producing technology. But technology is just a lovely byproduct, the real goal is social. Not all open source projects work this way, but perhaps they should. I stumbled upon this realization while maintaining fog as it grew and grew and grew. Leaving issues open seemed unbearable, but over time the volume far exceeded my ability to keep up. Over time I saw the promise of a better way, but my expectations of open source would need to a...

   Open source,Less is more,Mentoring,Bug report     2011-11-28 10:45:47

  Do You Morph Into A Different Programmer?

Every experience you have as a software developer should change you in some way. And I don’t just mean growing older by virtue of time passing. Everything you do should evolve your understanding of your craft (and/or related skills) or your understanding of yourself – which ultimately achieves the same goal. I am not just talking about major milestones in your software development career like switching jobs, becoming a leader/manager or starting you own company. Every job, every proje...

   Programmer,Steps,Process,Developer     2011-08-18 08:59:01

  Selling Yourself: Why? and How!

I know many good developers who are under the impression that they either don’t have to sell themselves, or selling themselves is wrong, but is that really true?First let me clarify by defining what I mean by “selling yourself”. I don’t mean “selling out”, I mean marketing yourself, what you’re doing and what your skills are. Especially to your organization.I don’t need to sell myself, my code speaks for itself.Really? Do you think your pristine code says enough about your skills...

   Sell,Developer,Skill,Show,Resume,CV     2011-08-10 03:19:34

  From College To Silicon Valley: Tips From A Veteran

Editor’s note: Pedram Keyani has been an engineer at Facebook since 2007. He is a manager on the Site Integrity team, the inventor of Keg Presence and a Hackathon enthusiast. Looking for internships and jobs after college can be exhilarating, especially for people with engineering and other technical expertise. In an otherwise tough job market, demand for software engineers is higher than ever right now. You may find that companies are actually competing to pay you for the knowledge you wo...

   Career,College,Silicon valley,Transition,Experience     2012-02-20 05:34:24