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  Yahoo is going to recycle inactive user IDs

According to Sina Tech, Yahoo announced that it would provide users with shorter, more lovely and more memorable Yahoo IDs starting from July 15. For IDs like, if they are in inactive status in the past 12 months, then other users will be able to get this ID. Yahoo plans to reset Yahoo ID system to help users get the ID they want in mid of July. By mid-August, users who apply for a Yahoo user ID will be informed what kind of ID they get.This means that users can apply multiple ID...

   Yahoo,ID recycle     2013-06-12 21:22:15

  Game Development Essentials #1 - Don’t use inheritance for your game objects

I recently released my first game, X Fleet, available now in Android Market. It’s a fast paced space shooter / rpg riddled with awesomeness and you should get it now. The reason you should avoid hierarchies/inheritance is your objects will be far too varied and complicated in form to be accurately represented as such. More on this below.  The alternative is a component model. This is very basic. Instead of having everything inheriting (e.g. Object -> MovableObject -> AnimatedMov...

   Game design,OOP,Inheritence,Game object     2012-02-07 06:26:40

  User experience : Exception handling

Exception handling is the process of handling emergencies or unpredictable operational errors. The specific time of the occurrence of unexpected events and the actual consequences of the specific situation are difficult to predict. How to handle this unexpected crisis is also related to the user experience of your users. Let's first look at how some famous products deal with unexpected exception encountered by users:1. Goodyear tires can automatically expand when leaking.Tire blast is one of the...

   User experience,Exception handling     2013-04-06 05:05:04

  Examples of bad design

Good designs always help users solve their problems in a convenient and familiar way. It takes little or no time for users getting used to the product with a good design. In contrast, bad designs frequently introduce confusion and complexity to users. Before we design any product, we should think carefully about every aspect of the product. We share some really bad design here to show how they can affect people's life. 1. USB Connector Have you ever put one in right on the first try? We frequen...

   Bad design,Usability,Web design     2013-09-25 22:57:49

  Java Interview Questions

Currently there are many articles online which summarize the list of Java interview questions. Some cover lots of basic questions and some cover some specific questions in specific area such as multithreading. In this post, we will not cover the really basic questions, we will cover something different. For basic question, you can read Java Interview Questions。 Basic What is primitive data type? How many primitive data types in Java? What are they? -- A primitive type is predefined...


  10 Ways to Be a More Productive Web Developer

We could all be more productive. There are many things we can do — some big, some small — that will enhance the way we work and improve the outcomes of our activities.Although I can’t promise that I’ll be able to help you cure all your productivity ailments, I do hope that I can provide you with a few useful, solid tips on streamlining your web development workflow and making every part of the development cycle move quickly and smoothly.Follow each one of these tips and I can almost guar...

   Ways,Efficiency,Web development,API,Fram     2011-09-26 11:25:29