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  What should Microsoft do after Steve Ballmer steps down?

Steve Ballmer decided to retire from Microsoft within 12 months last week. Where should Microsoft head to and what should they do on their products to maintain their influence.Whether you like or hate Ballmer, and regardless of who will replace him as Microsoft new CEO, his voice became a very important part of different Microsoft conferences, Ballmer said : "We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction."Steve Ballmer is criticized for many things. Under his control, Micros...

   Microsoft,CEO,Trend     2013-08-26 07:33:41

  Galaxy S III will be released today at London

At 19:00 May 3 (London time), Samsung will release its next-generation flagship mobile phone products GALAXY, SIII in London, England. This latest Samsung mobile phone will have a quad-core processor, with blue and white two colors and screen size of more than 4.65 inch (there is news that the size will be up to 4.8 inch).Europe's largest mobile phone retailer CarphoneWarehouse confirms the new Galaxy phone does have blue and two different colors.Quad-Core CPUCeramic casingPhone screen p...

   Samsung,S III,release,London     2012-05-03 05:44:16

  Rebirth of Microsoft?

Only from the point of view of design and products, Microsoft may seem like an ongoing decline of the old giant: IE browser market share continues to drop, PC market continues to shrink where Windows depends on and tablet PC market gets rapid expansion, Windows Mobile, Windows phone perform not so well, even CEO Steve Ballmer is often ridiculed and accused. All these seem to indicate that Microsoft's golden era is over. But on the other hand, while its net profit for the past two years has ...

   Microsoft,Rebirth,change     2012-10-05 20:09:15

  HP To Apple: You Win.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a cafe. Around me, there are five people on laptops — four of them are MacBooks. Four other people are using tablets — all four are iPads. Welcome to the Post-PC world. That phrase was one of the first things that jumped to my mind today when I heard the news that HP was not only killing off their TouchPad and Pre webOS-based products, but also trying to spin-off their PC business. The largest PC business in the world...

   HP,Apple,Palm,Competition,webOs     2011-08-19 07:38:41

  Best “must know” open sources to build the new Web

Here the dump of my ultimate collection of online Web development resources and directory, oriented for the Front-End user Interface (UI). HTML5 and all related open standards are moving fast, but for now, building a whole Website/WebApp on top of that can be very inconsistent, especially across various browsers experiences.   So… how to embrace new awesome web technologies ? Now, as Web Developers and Designers, we have to build on top of more stable framework. It’s here that co...

   Open source,Wbesite,Web application,HTML     2011-06-09 03:10:24

  The Great Tech War Of 2012

From left: The late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Larry Page, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. | Photos courtesy of David Paul Morris/Getty Images (Jobs); Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (Zuckerberg); Chip East/Reuters (Page); Mario Tama/Getty Images (Bezos).Gilbert Wong, the mayor of Cupertino, California, calls his city council to order. "As you know, Cupertino is very famous for Apple Computer, and we're very honored to have Mr. Steve Jobs come here tonight ...

   2012,Tech war,Facebook,Apple,Google,Amazon,Tablet,Cloud,Analysis     2011-10-17 11:06:25