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  About short URL and its implementation

IntroductionURL shortening is a kind of technique to convert a long URL to a short URL. There are many companies now providing this kind of service, we now take Google's URL shortener service as an example.First we navigate to, then we enter a random URL into the text field, here we use as the input, it will return us an shortened URL : URL ParsingWhen we type in browser address bar, the DNS...

       2012-07-02 07:15:09

  Want to write some code? Get away from your computer!

I’ve recently realised something. The best place to write code isn’t in front of your computer, with your compiler, IDE and tools. The best place to write code is far, far away from any of these tools – somewhere where you can think properly. For a language with which you are fairly familiar, the mechanics of translating the program in your mind to a program that the compiler can compile (or the interpreter can interpret) is fairly easy – it’s coming up with that program in y...

   Program,Goo dcode, Away, Use mind     2011-03-30 23:48:10

  HeartBleed: OpenBSD now starts to clean up OpenSSL

Since the disclosure of HeartBleed bug in OpenSSL, some arguments emerge around the safety of OpenSSL, the largest open source SSL/TLS library used by large number of servers, applications. Some people are even starting to create their own version of SSL library. This includes OpenBSD, a famous Unix like open source operating system. Just a few days after the HeartBleed bug, OpenBSD forked a new branch of OpenSSL and started to clean up the forked branch and plans to merge it to its own cod...

   HeartBleed,OpenBSD     2014-04-15 04:21:26

  Microsoft Azure Functions the Future of Business Computing

Introduction This article provides a quick high-level overview of Microsoft Azure Functions with a practical example of how to create, compile and debug an Azure Function using Visual Studio 2017 v15.3, using BlobTrigger function type & C# as language. For novice Cloud developers, aspiring Cloud architects, Pre-sales consultants, and all other IT professionals associated with the Cloud computing, especially with Microsoft Azure, this tutorial would explain working of Microsoft Azure Function...

   MICROSOFT AZURE , VISUAL STUDIO 2017     2017-09-05 06:28:32

  10 Questions with Facebook Research Engineer – Andrei Alexandrescu

Today we caught up with Andrei Alexandrescu for a “10 Question” interview. He is a Romanian born research engineer at Facebook living in the US, you can contact him on his website or @incomputable. We will talk about some of the juicy stuff that going on at Facebook, so let’s get started. Hello Andrei, welcome on Server-Side Magazine. 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you? Where and what do you work? Who am I? Ah, the coffee breath of one talking about hims...

   C++,Facebook,PHP,Future,Machine learning     2012-02-06 08:08:12