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  Why Aren't Other SOPA Supporters Being Punished Like GoDaddy?

Even though it recanted (somewhat unconvincingly) its support of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), domain registrar GoDaddy continues to lose thousands of domains as an online campaign to punish GoDaddy is proving highly effective. The boycott campaign began on reddit on December 22. A day later GoDaddy announced its withdrawal of support for the House legislation it actually helped craft. And still GoDaddy has lost more than 70,000 domains in less than a week, with the prospe...

   GoDaddy,SOPA,boycott,Reason,Punishment     2011-12-27 09:38:27

  This Is Why Your Website Is Slow

Click for a larger image Ghostery, the browser plugin that allows its users to "track the trackers," just released data on the tags, widgets and analytics on websites that are the worst in terms of slowing page loads to a crawl. Update: Ghostery discovered an error in their original data set. It appears that Millenial Media was not on this year's list at all, and the #2 slot belonged to AdFunky. Both the text and the graph above have been changed to reflect this. Any webmaster worth his or he...

   Web application,Performance,Slow,Reason,Lagtag     2011-11-30 11:45:25

  Where are the top 100,000 most visited websites hosted?

Do you know where are the websites you visit every day hosted online? There are more and more websites hosted on cloud server now as the stability, scalability and cost effective features of cloud. Recently hostcabi released an infographic which shows some statistics about the top 100,000 most visited websites(according to Alexa). The top 100,000 most visited websites have spread their hosting over 6 continents, 102 countries, 621 cities and 1,024 hosting providers SoftLayer(IBM), AWS, GoDaddy a...

   Web hosting,Cloud service     2013-11-28 05:48:44

  A New Billionaire’s 10 Rules for Success

Bob Parsons (below) may be best known as the man standing next to the “GoDaddy Girls,” the busty spokesmodels for his online registration company, GoDaddy.Com. Gerry Images Today, he has a new catchphrase: billionaireSource : The possible purchase of his company by private-equity firms Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and SilverLake Partners for more than $2 billion would make him the latest dot-com billionaire. It is...

   Programming,Billionare,Work,Hard,Dream     2011-06-27 07:40:00

  $40 million per year to keep Wikipedia running

Wikipedia is an incredibly frugal and efficient nonprofit organization. It serves half a billion visits per month. But do you know how much it costs to keep this huge website running? According to 2012-13 Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan, the expected spending is around $40 million. Some may argue that Wikipedia is just a site with "just text", why does it cost so much? Oliver Emberton shared his view. To keep Wikipedia running and serve 500 million visits per month. First, you're going to need ...

   Wikipedia,Spending,Cost     2013-09-24 23:05:10

  Why isn't all internet traffic encrypted?

The biggest problem is that you must be able to verify that you're encrypting to the correct key. Without it, encryption would be practically useless, as anyone could perform a man-in-the-middle attack on the connection and remain undetected.In typical SSL/TLS, as well as other protocols using X.509, this verification is performed by "certification authorities", which are explicitly marked as "trusted" by web browsers and operating systems. Unfortunately, these CAs usual...

   Internet,Traffic,Encryption,Decryption,Security     2011-10-15 15:03:37