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  Facebook open sources its C++ library named Folly

Recently, Facebook open sourced its low level C++ function library for its internal use named Folly. Folly is an open sourced C++11 component library, it provides functions similar to what boost and std libraries provide, including string, vector and memory allocation, bit operation etc, to fulfill large scale high performance requirements.Currently Folly is tested with gcc4.6 on some 64 bit systems such as Fedora 17, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian wheezy, it may also be OK on other 64 bit platforms wi...

   Facebook,Folly,C++,open source     2012-06-05 08:31:12

  Embrace open source

In past few days, there are many tech news which are related to open source. For example, Microsoft enables Linux on its Windows Azure cloud, Facebook open sourced its C++ library Folly and Samsung joined Linux foundation. Now more and more big companies realize the power of open source and are willing to contribute to the open source community. It will benefit not only developers but also these big companies as well.By providing some open source libraries or projects, developer may reduce their...

   Open source,Microsoft,Samsung,Facebook,Linux     2012-06-06 05:37:59

  10 Secrets of Successful Leaders

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” But, becoming a great leader isn’t easy. Successfully maneuvering a team through the ups and downs of starting a new business can be one of the greatest challenges a small-business owner faces.Leadership is one of the areas that many entrepreneurs tend to overlook, according leadership coach John C. Maxwell, whose books include The ...

   Leader,Skill,Calm,Trust,Involvement     2011-11-03 03:36:56