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I'm so tired of passwords. So, so, so tired. Most people don't understand this. Most people use the same password everywhere. Most people can just mechanically type out password3 in every password box, smirking to themselves at how clever they are, because who would ever guess 3 instead of 1? I don't do that. Let me tell you what i do. I generate a different password for every service, based on a convoluted master password and the name of the thing. I do this because it's what you're...

   Security,Password,Random generation,Hard to remember     2011-12-05 11:32:45

  Is programmer really profession for youth only?

- dedicated to the new programmers just into the workplace.

One young Chinese friend asked me: is programmer meant only for less experienced youth? Should I consider transition once if I work on it until 30 years old?

   Programmer,Youth,Product,Project,Career,Analysis     2012-03-18 07:06:44

  Why Software Is Eating The World

This week, Hewlett-Packard (where I am on the board) announced that it is exploring jettisoning its struggling PC business in favor of investing more heavily in software, where it sees better potential for growth. Meanwhile, Google plans to buy up the cellphone handset maker Motorola Mobility. Both moves surprised the tech world. But both moves are also in line with a trend I've observed, one that makes me optimistic about the future growth of the American and world economies, despite the...

   software,quota,internet world,eat up     2011-08-22 12:06:40

  Developing an eCommerce Website? Here are 4 Things to Keep in Mind

  When it comes to Web development, it is a complicated process. There is a plethora of facets to assess, from performance to user experience. As far as building an eCommerce site is concerned, it is quite a challenging task. Most of the users tend to visit the website in order to gather information about and purchase products. For this reason, a Web Application Development Company tries its best to make this process intuitive and effortless. Besides considering usability, there are some po...

       2015-12-22 05:28:33

  Discovery kills distribution: why the web needs a new leader

[Apple and Google have locked application discovery and distribution within their app stores. VisionMobile's Andreas Constantinou explains how Facebook is using the web to disintermediate Apple/Google and why the web needs a new leader].The platform duopoly.In just the space of 3 years, the mobile platforms landscape has changed from an election race to an oligarchy. The network effects at the heart of the Apple and Google business models have created formidable barriers to entry. The growth in ...

   Web,Leader,New era,Google,Apple,Mobile     2011-10-18 02:53:29

  On testers and testing

Over the years, I’ve come to hold some strong. opinions on testing, testers and the entire business of quality assurance. Inspired by this post on Facebook’s testing, I wanted to write this down so I can point people to it. Some of this is controversial. In fact, even mentioning some of this in conversation has caused people to flip the bozo bit on me. Most product teams don’t need a separate testing role. And even if they do, the ratio of full time dev:full time test should be in...

   Software tester,Testing,Development,Understanding     2012-01-08 10:00:49

  What kind of automated testing does Facebook do?

We do several kinds of testing. Some specifics:For our PHP code, we have a suite of a few thousand test classes using the PHPUnit framework. They range in complexity from simple true unit tests to large-scale integration tests that hit our production backend services. The PHPUnit tests are run both by developers as part of their workflow and continuously by an automated test runner on dedicated hardware. Our developer tools automatically use code coverage data to run tests that cover the ...

   Facebook,Testing,PHP,Automated testing     2012-02-28 08:10:10

  Why do I need a debugger?

  When I begin to learn a new programming language, I will try and master the debugger for it as early as possible. For example, in 2013, while I touched the Go, there seems only gdb for use. Although gdb itself is not a good choice (From Debugging Go Code with GDB): As a consequence, although GDB can be useful in some situations, it is not a reliable debugger for Go programs, particularly heavily concurrent ones. But at that time there was no other choice. So after delve&nb...

       2017-07-21 22:53:16

  Flash, HTML5 comparison finds neither has performance advantage

A comparison of streaming video via the Adobe Flash and HTML5 formats with numerous different browsers on both Mac and Windows produced wildly different results based on the operating system and browser, making neither a clear winner. The test, from Streaming Learning Center, was conducted in response to recent comments alleged to have been said by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, in which he reportedly called Flash a "CPU hog." While the test found that HTML5 is significantly more efficient th...

   html5,flash,performance,comparison     2011-07-01 10:08:00

  Building an iPhone application.

One of my New Years resolutions was to finally learn the iOS SDK and build a 'real' application.I am happy to report that progress is going really well and wanted to share something that I have noticed about iOS programming.It only looks scary... it's not. It's actually very easy.Now, I am not building Mail, Angry Birds or Photosynth or anything, but the core concepts of the SDK are not that bad once you spend some time learning delegation. If you don't understand delegation, iOS programmi...

   Apple,iOS,Application development     2012-01-28 07:03:36