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  Jack Ma : Where are you going during the weekends?

Jack Ma, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba founder and executive chairman, was reported to show up in a night club named Dragon-i in Hong Kong on 17th August night (Beijing Time).  It became the headline in China soon after this news was reported as many people thought it was quite unusual that a successful and super rich business man like him would show up in night clubs. Jack Ma explained on his Weibo(China's Twitter) on this and he posted a question to people as well which ...

   Alibaba, Jack Ma, Night club, Bar, Hong Kong     2015-08-23 02:42:59

  Why Flash didn’t work out on mobile devices

The debate over whether supporting the Adobe Flash plug-in on mobile devices is a feature or not is over. Last night, ZDNet got hold of a leaked Adobe announcement: It’s abandoning its work on Flash for mobile. It’s not a huge surprise that it came to this, since Adobe had been struggling to optimize the performance, and the tide has been turning toward HTML5.From the Adobe announcement ZDNet published:Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash develo...

   Flash,HTML5,Advantage,Merit,Mobile device,Support     2011-11-15 03:15:12

  A trap about PHP random number

The method to get random number in PHP is very simple, we only need to use rand() function. int rand ( int $min , int $max ) One function call can return the random number in a specified range. But in fact, the random number in computer is actually pseudorandomness, generally to increase the randomness, we may set a random seed before calling rand(). void srand ([ int $seed ] ) According to other language features, we should pass a time value as a parameter to the srand() function, generally...

   PHP,rand,srand,mt_rand     2013-06-07 09:10:10

  Is Shared Hosting Secure?

Shared hosting is incredibly popular with users who are looking for the cheapest hosting available – the problem is that along with the low price you get poor performance and even more concerning – questionable security. When running on a shared host dozens if not hundreds of other sites are running on the same servers – this means any single security flaw in any of those applications can compromise the entire server. This  dramatically increases the odds of your server being co...

   Shared hosting,Virtual host,Security,Data security     2012-02-14 10:48:59

  Web Consistency Testing

Introduction Web Consistency Testing is a new form of Web testing that aims to answer the simple question: does this page look right? It's an automated approach to making sure a page looks the way we expect, whether that be cross-browser, over time (regression), in multiple locales, or whatever else we can think of. Kevin Menard, founder of Mogotest, presented an in-depth talk about what Web Consistency Testi...

   Website,Consistency,Testing,Consistency testing,Advice     2011-12-01 02:52:30

  12 useful Chrome commands

Many useful features of Chrome don't show up on its menus. You can access them through the chrome:// command. In this article we will introduce 12 useful chrome:// commands. 1. chrome://flags It can be used to turn on or turn off some chrome features. 2. chrome://dns This command will show the domain name list caught by the browser. 3. chrome://downloads You can access this through chrome menu as well. The shortcut is Ctrl+J 4. chrome://extensions This command equals to Menu->Tools->Ext...

   Chrome,chrome://     2013-01-25 04:38:03

  Java Development : Overcomes Challenges of Security, Flexibility, and Performance

While launching any web application, a development company faces a challenge that is choosing the programming language for developing it. Though, there are many options available for companies to deliver app solution to businesses, such as .net, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, and their derivatives; still many believe that java can be a good choice for development of apps. A java development company can make amazing app solutions by leveraging their development team’s skills and expertise. But the...

   Java development services     2015-05-20 09:05:50

  Social networks are becoming your personal operating system

Today’s biggest trends — the mobile web, social media, gamification, real-time — are changing the landscape for business. Consumers are connecting with one another, and in the process they’re becoming increasingly empowered and influential.How these connected consumers discover, share, and communicate is different than the way they used to. This change requires businesses to rethink their approach. Organizations need to examine the impact of technology on consumer behavior and understand...

   Facebook,Operating System,Social network,Feature,Facebook me     2011-10-28 10:02:55


I'm so tired of passwords. So, so, so tired. Most people don't understand this. Most people use the same password everywhere. Most people can just mechanically type out password3 in every password box, smirking to themselves at how clever they are, because who would ever guess 3 instead of 1? I don't do that. Let me tell you what i do. I generate a different password for every service, based on a convoluted master password and the name of the thing. I do this because it's what you're...

   Security,Password,Random generation,Hard to remember     2011-12-05 11:32:45

  Is programmer really profession for youth only?

- dedicated to the new programmers just into the workplace.

One young Chinese friend asked me: is programmer meant only for less experienced youth? Should I consider transition once if I work on it until 30 years old?

   Programmer,Youth,Product,Project,Career,Analysis     2012-03-18 07:06:44