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  PHP to get access token for Facebook app

Since Facebook is now using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate apps to access user information. the SDK of Facebook has provided developers some useful functions to get authentication done. For example, in PHP SDK, there are getAccessToken(), getLoginUrl() etc. But unfortunately, for me I cannot use getAccessToken() method to get the user access token, it only returns me the app access token. Finally I gave up this approach to get access token for the time being. I may later retry this approach if I have...

   Faceook,PHP,Access token,signed request     2012-03-27 12:37:46

  Those famous Emacs users

I don't think using Emacs can improve one's programming skills, I don't think some famous people used Emacs before can provide something, either. But these famous people encouraged me to learn Emacs when I wanted to give it up. Here I created a list of famous Emacs users. Most of people in this list are not famous because they developed or used Emacs, but they are famous and also use Emacs. Joe Armstrong -- Erlang's author In The Setup, Joe mentioned that "I write books using XML markup in emacs...

   Emacs,History     2013-07-28 21:36:09