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  What happens on the Internet in one minute?

In one minute, 216,000 images are shared on Instagram, $83,000 sales happen on Amazon, 1.8 million Likes are clicked on Facebook, also 72 hours videos are uploaded to YouTube. This image is from Omee and it shows us what happens on the Internet in one minute. For example, how many Tweets are posted, how many pictures are viewed, how many minutes communication through Skype. The data on the graph is from PC Mag, Business Insider and other websites. In one minute, 2 million searches on Google, 70...

   Infographic,60 seconds,Internet     2013-08-01 06:47:51

  PopCap’s 10 rules for commercial failure in mobile games development

PopCap, the company behind social gaming hits as Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled, has a way of doing presentations at conferences. Last year’s Social Gaming Summit presentation was insightful in the sense that developers were advised to postpone trying to make money from their game until there is some serious traction. At yesterday’s London Games Conference, PopCap’s presentation was equally remarkable. During a brief presentation David Bishop (Senior Game Designer) presented the m...

   Game design,Rules,Smart phone     2012-04-16 13:25:27

  10 reasons why I "hate" working in Facebook

To me, the past two years in Facebook is simply a nightmare, To celebrate the upcoming 2 year anniversary, I decided to jump out of it. Facebook, I have so many reasons to hate you. However, for fear that readers find me too annoying, I take my complaints to be condensed into the top ten reasons.1. Why should submit so much code? In the past two years, the number of Facebook engineers is doubled, and the amount of code submitted by each engineer is also increased with the increase of the number ...

   Facebook,Hate,Leave     2012-08-17 13:34:05

  The Best Hackers In The World All Come From One Country

Facebook, Zynga, and other hot companies use Interview Street to recruit programmers. Interview Street posts programming challenges and invites contenders to solve as many as they can. According to their message board, nine of Interview Street's top ten hackers are all from China. One is from an unknown country. A hacker called ralekseenkov, who is ranked number 11, is from the United States. What does that say about the talent crunch here? Read more:

   Hacker,Country,China,Microsoft     2012-04-11 13:17:55

  The Windows 8.1 Update is here! What to Expect from it?

Windows has finally released the update for Windows phone, the Windows 8.1! Microsoft has finally released the version upgrade which has interesting enhancements. This may not seem like a major upgrade but it definitely looks interesting. This latest update has been released on the Lumia phones that were running using the 8.0 version. There is a lot to look forward to in this new update, and some of it will definitely feel interesting. Folders along Live Tiles For a long time, people were attrac...

   windows 8.1     2014-08-21 08:34:24

  5 million units of Galaxy Note II are sold until now

Samsung announced on its official website that the Galaxy Note II sales have exceeded 5 million units, the number of shipments reached 2 million in last 24 days.Galaxy Note II was officially released at the end of August and was on sale at the end of September, equipped with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system, 5.5 inches HD Super AMOLED screen and a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor.In the first 37 days on sale, Samsung Galaxy Note II had achieved 3 million units of sales,the sales is  three ti...

   Samsung Galaxy Note II,Sale     2012-11-26 11:19:21

  Those interaction methods we can play with

Smartphones have become one important part of our lives, the phone apps also play more and more important roles. They can help us live through the boring time or help us connect to our close friends fat away from us or help us get information,etc. There are also some interesting interaction methods since the birth of smartphones. We can play with them while we interact with the smartphones. Here we summarize some of them. 1. Shake Since WeChat introduces the Shake method to find people which yo...

   Interaction,Mobile device,Google glass     2013-05-07 05:21:15

  The big four in Taiwan can compete with Samsung

Taiwan's IT industry has a tense competition with South Korea, TSMC chairman Morris Chang said that although Samsung Electronics is a powerful opponent, ,there is only one Samsung in South Korean; in contrast, Taiwan has the TSMC, HTC, MediaTek and Hon Hai, they can challenge Samsung altogether.Morris Chang pointed out that Samsung Electronics is the  company with biggest market capitalization in South Korea, the market value is roughly $200 billion; but the second largest company in S...

   Taiwan,Samsung,IT     2013-06-12 06:46:16

  Pinterest becomes the 3rd largest social network website in US

Digital marketing services company Experian Marketing Services's latest report shows the picture sharing website Pinterest has become the 3rd largest social network website in US following Facebook and Twitter. Its visits are more than LinkedIn and Google + now.Experian conducted a survey about social networking site visits in March,2012, the results show that visits of Facebook were more than 7 billion  Twitter got 182 million visits, Pinterest 104 million. However, the survey ...

   Pinterest,US,Facebook,Pin     2012-04-10 12:33:03

  Relationship oriented website vs content oriented website

Relationship oriented website is a kind of website based on friend circle, people come to the website to share news with their friends and see what's happening around their friends, these websites include Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. While content oriented website is a kind of website based on unique content, people come to the website to find information or find answers for their questions, these websites include TechCrunch, The Verge and Medium. Most of websites on the Internet nowadays belon...

   Relationship oriented,Content oriented, Loyalty     2013-07-11 09:20:37