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  Using OpenID connect in for login via Facebook

This post is shared by development India experts to explain OpenID support and OAuth providers support in Through this article, you will learn the best way to use OpenId in development for login through different accounts including Facebook. Read this article and discover how experts of do it. Web pages of Asp.Net have support for OpenID and OAuth providers. These providers allow users to log in to the web application with their credentials from Microsoft, Google...

   ASP.NET ,DEVELOPMENT,INDIA     2016-11-07 05:09:58

  Facebook fires a few Chinese employees

There is a big news happening in the Silicon Valley in past few days. Facebook fired a few Chinese employees for bringing outsiders into Facebook's campus and canteen on a charged basis. It's well known that tech companies in Silicon Valley provide attractive welfare to their employees. We often heard about the news that lots of free service(including free food, free laundry, free massage etc) are provided to employees to encourage them to stay effective when working. This is good news and welc...

   Facebook,Chinese employee, Chummy     2015-09-03 07:39:05

  The video Twitter is coming

 Last October, Vine was acquired by Twitter before it released. Now Twitter launched this app. Vine only supports 6 seconds video recording, when you tap on the screen, the video recording starts, when you finger leaves the screen, the video recording stops. It can contain a few frames in 6 seconds. You can share the video on Twitter and Facebook. Vine seems like a video version of Instagram because it allows user to record video and share it. It has the same features as Instagram such as L...

   Twitter,Vine,Video Twitter     2013-01-25 05:10:29

  Mark Zuckerberg delivered his first Chinese speech in Beijing

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a speech in Chinese at "Tringhua Students Dialogue with Board Members" on Oct 24, 2015 in Tsinghua University, Beijing. This is the first time he used Chinese throughout the whole speech. Though his Chinese is not that fluent, his hard work on learning Chinese is well appreciated.  In this speech, he shared three stories : mission, care and looking ahead. Mission You have to believe in your mission. When you have a mission, it will help yo...


  The use of Erlang in Facebook chat

Erlang  is a general-purpose concurrent, garbage-collected programming language and runtime system. It stays strong while building concurrency programs. Erlang provides language-level features for creating and managing processes with the aim of simplifying concurrent programming. It has large application in many chat service well known now such as Whatsapp and initial version of Facebook chat. Previously we have written an article Use of Erlang in WhatsApp. In this post, we will talk about...

   Facebook,Erlang     2014-02-25 07:12:36

  Facebook will release new News Feed

According to 36Kr, Facebook sent out invitations to media to release a new version of the News Feed. This new News Feed will be released at 10 o'clock on March 7th(PST time) at the headquarters.The web version and mobile version of News Feed was updated in September 2011 and May 2012, Web version adds a dynamic display feature, if you login to Facebook per day, it will recommend popular content to you first If you frequently log in to Facebook, it will recommend the latest content. The mobile v...

   Facebook, News feed     2013-03-01 22:19:24

  Facebook to be listed on Nasdaq. Stock symbol "FB"

The social networking company Facebook has chosen publicly to be traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "FB". It means that Facebook and Apple, Google and other tech giants ultimately did not choose the New York Stock Exchange. The news is from New York Times citing on an anonymous source.By choosing Nasdaq, Facebook has its own considerations. Compared to the market and electronic hall of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ is an purely electronic market. While the former i...

   Facebook,FB,Nasdaq,IPO     2012-04-06 01:10:07

  Use of mouse (entertainment)

What will you do after you buy a new mouse? Will you throw your old mouse away? Actually, we can reuse our old mouse and make some beautiful products with our unused mouse. Here are some pictures about the use of mouse.Original author : 阮一峰 Source :

   mouse,use,entertainment     2012-06-02 02:34:42


More and more I see articles popping up that bash social networks for "violating" our privacy and selling our information to advertisers. Inevitably, Facebook has been at the center of many of these "scandals". Today on HN I came across this interviewwith Disconnect co-founder Casey Oppenheim and I just don't get it.In it, he bashes Facebook (and other online advertisers) for using our information in order to serve up targeted ads. He points out that many of the " “free” services aren...

   Social network,Facebook,Privacy,Data,Ads     2011-10-19 14:12:08

  Be cautious before deciding to use ReactJS in your product

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library used for writing user interfaces. It revamps the way developers write web applications. More and more front end developers start to use this Facebook crafted library in their products or projects nowadays. However, although ReactJS is an open source library under BSD license, it doesn't mean there is no risk to freely adopts it in your products. If you are building or plain to build some products which may compete with Facebook or its subsid...

   JAVASCRIPT,FACEBOOK,REACTJS,VUE     2016-07-16 20:43:16