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  How Do I Enable Remote Access To MySQL Database Server?

By default remote access to MySQL database server is disabled for security reasons. However, some time you need to provide remote access to database server from home or a web server. If you want to remotely access to the database server from the web server or home, follow this quick tutorial.MySQL Remote AccessYou need type the following commands which will allow remote connections.Step # 1: Login Using SSH (if server is outside your data center)First, login over ssh to remote MySQL database ser...

   MySQL,Remote access,Enable,Host or webdomain     2011-10-31 00:31:41


If you are anything like me, you've started more things than you have finished. We're innately curious about the things around us and inspired when we come across people who have mastered their trade. We see people create cool and beautiful things and think, "Man, that looks easy, if I put in a little time I can do that in no time." What follows is a few days or weeks of focused and dedicated learning. During this time we make some progress, but not much. In fact, the progress that we do ma...

   Work,Learning,Effort,Detail,Complexity     2011-10-25 10:27:28

  App Store, Most Effective Weaponry In Apple’s Armor

Apple’s most effective and effectual weaponry is its app store. Surprisingly however, the first generation iPhone did not support any Mobile apps, and Steve Jobs was actually proud of this fact. Back then, in 2007, third party mobile apps were not allowed on the iPhone. Jobs in-fact announced that Mobile app developers could use the most modern standards and write customized mobile apps for the iPhone web browser. He said, “We think we’ve got a very sweet story for you. You can...

   Mobile app developers, customized mobile apps, software development kit,     2015-07-28 03:26:19

  What It’s Really Like to Work at Google

Google. It’s one of the most common household words in today’s modern society, and yet for a company that is used by most of us essentially as an algorithm, it tends to trigger a highly emotional response when overheard. It’s a dream job for college students nearing graduation, a highly coveted invitation to lunch by friends and colleagues who work near campus, and the bane of existence for those who produce content for the Internet. For several years, most of the public has seen qui...

   Google,Work,Life,Workplace     2012-01-18 08:19:00

  A Programming Idiom You've Never Heard Of

Here are some sequences of events: Take the rake out of the shed, use it to pile up the leaves in the backyard, then put the rake back in the shed. Fly to Seattle, see the sights, then fly home. Put the key in the door, open it, then take the key out of the door. Wake-up your phone, check the time, then put it back to sleep. See the pattern? You do something, then do something else, then you undo the first thing. Or more accurately, the last step is the inverse of the first. Once you're aware ...

   Programming,Idiom,Strange     2012-01-04 08:12:25

  8 Very Simple and Easy Steps for Designing a Successful Launch Page

There are such a large number of new companies launching nowadays that you truly can't stand to waste your time for coding for your wonderful products. Also make sure that you are additionally making a list of your potential clients for your application. A Launching page will permit you to connect directly with great business people who can transform your company into compelling brand envoys. You can browse making a coming soon page or even a complete page including the items with their complete...

   app development, mobile apps, app design, app development sydney, iphone app, iphone app development     2014-12-12 00:40:10

  What's wrong with us in Mobile Era?

Every day when I surf the Internet, I find much news about new smartphones and Android, iOS apps. Also I can find many people use iPhones and other smartphones with Android OS. Apparently we are now in Mobile era. People can find tons of news that says how Mobile has changed our life, made our life simpler and how easy we can know the world with mobile technology. Yes, it's true, now we only need to press a button, we can know what happens in USA which is thousands kilometres away from us. We ca...

   Mobile,Cold,Stay away,Smartphone     2012-01-07 12:10:35

  Share on Twitter link

Ever wanted to give your readers, or your client’s readers a chance to share the post quickly on Twitter?The code is straight forward:<a href=” reading” title=”Click to share this post on Twitter”>Share on Twitter</a>If you’re using WordPress and want to automate this, simply use the following to insert the link to the current post in the loop into your link:<a href=”

   Twitter,Share button,Customize,Custom     2011-08-24 10:55:51

  Password-less login

Most websites need user login in order to provide personalized content to visitors. The usual way is to request user to register an user account. Actually, this is not so appealing since if we need to remember one password for each website, it's troublesome, while for developers, it's their responsibility to protect password, once password is leaked, then it's a big headache to a website's business and reputation. So long time ago people started thinking about password-less login, this is a big ...

   Password-lesslogin,Authentication     2012-11-05 12:29:55

  Reasons to use blue in design

Blue color is used in many product designs and logo designs such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and our site. Why do companies choose blue color in their design? It's not a coincidence for them to choose blue. One saying is the color blue is associated with trust, efficiency, clarity and simplicity. Beside this reason, are there other reasons? From an interface design standpoint, blue is an incredibly useful color. Among the dark colors designers have in their toolbox, red, orange and green al...

   Design,Blue     2013-12-13 07:13:22