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  HTML5 Drag and Drop Upload and File API Tutorial

Update #3: Using the techniques outlined in this article I have rolled out and initial release of free to download the JS source (it is heavily commented) and take a look at how it was rolled out. Unfortunately the required File API support is only in Chrome and Firefox currently, Safari gets it in version 6, Opera possibly in version 11 and possibly IE 10 (9 has no support).IntroductionOver the last day I’ve been trying to learn how to use the new HTML5 Drag a...

   HTML5,Drag and drop,DnD,File API,Tutorial,Coding     2011-10-29 13:47:14

  File upload once again

File upload is one of the oldest operation of web design. After 20 years, it's still has no big change, difficult to handle, lack of interaction and poor user experience. Web developers have thought many methods to improve the experience of uploading file in web apps, they developed various plugins based on different JavaScript libraries. However, because of the difference among different web browsers, there is no common interface which makes these plugins work properly or easily on all web brow...

   Web design, File upload, Asynchronous,HTML5     2012-09-02 11:52:21

  Top 10 Reasons to Use HTML5 Right Now

So you’re still not using HTML5, huh? I guess you probably have your reasons; it’s not fully adopted yet, it doesn’t work in IE, you don’t like users, you’re out of touch or you are just passionately in love with writing strict XHTML code. HTML5 is the revolution that the web needed and the fact is, it is the future whether you like it or not — suck it up and deal. HTML5 isn’t hard to use or understand and even though it’s not fully adopted yet, there are still plenty of r...

   HTML5,Accessibility,Cross browser compatibility     2011-12-08 02:52:38

  Cross Browser HTML5 Drag and Drop

HTML5 Drag and Drop has been talked about a lot lately, but it’s hard to find really useful information about implementing it across multiple browsers.Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft all have pages describing how to use it, but their examples seem to work only in their particular browser (Apple’s example doesn’t even work in their own! Updated, Jan. 11, 2009: Although I have not been able to get this example working on Safari 2.0.4 and 3.1.2 for OS X an...

   HTML5,Drag and drop, Demo,Source code,Cr     2011-09-20 13:42:45

  10 Best Android Apps of 2016

The year 2016 has been gone with all its good and bad memories. But in the field of information technology, this year was another boost in which the field rapidly grew and explores some more essentials for the ease of users. In the field of mobile apps, specially users of Android OS, the year 2016 was awesome because in this year, they got many useful apps created by the highly qualified app developers of the world.Experts of Android OS rounded up a lot of apps created in the year 2016 and they ...