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  HTML5 Video and DRM

Many people call HTML5 an Adobe Flash replacement and I agree. Adobe already discontinued Flash on mobile devices. So HTML5 Video is a must for video on mobile phones and tablets. On the desktop Flash Video players are used more than HTML5 Video players but HTML5 video will work with a current web browser on a site that supports HTML5 video. Commercial video sites like YouTube will play partnered content in Flash even if you turned on HTML5 video at http://www.youtub...

   HTML5 Video,Flash,DRM,Comparison     2012-02-05 07:18:23

  Why making a cool project is a good idea for an aspiring software developer

As a software developer, I get to know a lot of other software developers. Many of the software developers I know are either running a startup, working as an early employee for a startup, doing contract jobs for a startup, or dreaming of one day starting a startup. My point is that software developers are very interested in startups, either starting them or working for them. My advice to anyone who’s interested in startups: Before you ever start a startup, try to make at least one c...

   Innovation,New business,Start,Tip     2011-08-08 22:55:22