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  Cron Job in cPanel with PHP

Running PHP scripts automatically can have some big benefits. You can wait to have things get done when there is less traffic on your server, or you can ensure daily tasks get done on time. cPanel Simple CronEven if you do not know anything about cron jobs, and have never run a cron job before - you can get started with the simple cron tool built into cPanel. The url for it is: A few things you'll need is the path to php and the path...

   PHP,Cron,Autonomous Job,cPanel,Linux     2011-04-26 09:48:40

  Configure a PHP web server on CentOS

Are you used to use cPanel or Plesk on VPS for your PHP website management? If for some reason you don't want to use them? What can you do? How do you maintain your website? How do you access Emails, use FTP to upload files or use phpMyAdmin to manage your databases? You may need to configure all these services yourself on a VPS without cPanel or Plesk or other similar apps.But to configure all these services on a Linux server is not an easy job. You may spend many nights but still fail to get s...

   Cron,Linux,CentOS,Email,FTP,MySQL     2012-07-08 06:01:56

  Create cron job on CentOS

These two days, I am building a website and deploying it on a VPS server which uses CentOS 5. I don't have cPanel or Plesk for my account, so I need to install and configure everything myself including Apache, PHP, MySQL and FTP server, also today's topic cron job. Since my website has a ranking algorithm to calculate the rankings of each link and update the ranking on database and I need to calculate the rankings every 5 minutes, so I think to use cron jobs. Here are what I have done which may ...

   cron job,crontab,CentOS,linux,php,example     2012-06-11 09:23:45

  Three things you should never put in your database

As I've said in a few talks, the best way to improve your systems is by first not doing "dumb things". I don't mean you or your development staff is "dumb", it's easy to overlook the implications of these types of decisions and not realize how bad they are for maintainability let alone scaling. As a consultant I see this stuff all of the time and I have yet to ever see it work out well for anyone. Images, files, and binary data Your database supports BLOBs so it must be a good idea to shove ...

   Database,BLOB,Log,Image     2012-05-02 04:44:25

  A Guide on Creating a Magento 2 Extension

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   MAGENTO, MAGENTO 2,MAGENTO 2 MODULE CREATOR     2016-02-29 03:08:08

  Linux Clock : CST,UTC and NTP setup

1. There is an option when you set up clock on installing Linux: system clock users UTC, so what does UTC mean? It's Universal Time Coordinated(UTC), there are two different times in GPS system: one is UTC , the other one is LT(Local Time). The difference between these two is just the timezone difference, UTC is the time in timezone 0. If the local time in Beijing is 8 o'clock in the morning, then UTC time is 0 o'clock, which is a 8 hour difference. 2. In Linux, when we use date to check the tim...

   Linux,Clock,UTC     2013-03-21 12:19:30

  Beginners guide to Linux directory structure

Have you ever looked in your / directory, you’ll see a lot of directories. Here we are presenting beginners guide to linux directory structure explaining what they mean and what are the contents of these directories.Screenshot of contents of root directory: /This is called root partition. All files and directories start with root partition. Write privileges under this directory are avaible with root user only. Not to confuse it with root user’s home directory, know the difference...

   Linux,File system structure,Beginner's guide     2012-04-20 12:19:32

  Server monitoring shell scripts

There are many open source server monitoring software such as cacti and nagios. Besides these, can we write our own shell scripts to monitor them? The shell scripts written by ourselves can fulfill our special requirements better and have a more detailed coverage. Below are some commonly used shell scripts used by Evangelist, an Oracle DBA. 1. Check network gateway traffic #!/bin/bash #network #Mike.Xu while : ; do time='date +%m"-"%d" "%k":"%M' day='date +%m"-"%d' rx_before='...

   Server monitor,CPU,memory,shell     2013-08-30 21:56:14

  10 rules of PHP-masters

1. Use PHP only when it is necessary – Rasmus Lerdorf There is no better source than the creator of PHP, to learn what he can do. Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1995. Since then, the language has spread like a wildfire rate in the developer community, incidentally changing the face of the Internet. However, Rasmus did not create PHP with these intentions. PHP was created for the needs of web development. As is the case with many other projects with op...

   PHP,Master,Experience,Advice     2011-12-16 09:38:07

  40+ Techniques to enhance your php code

1. Do not use relative paths , instead define a ROOT path Its quite common to see such lines : 1require_once('../../lib/some_class.php'); This approach has many drawbacks : It first searches for directories specified in the include paths of php , then looks from the current directory. So many directories are checked. When a script is included by another script in a different directory , its base directory changes to that of the including script. Another issue , is that when a script is being ru...

   PHP,Quirk,Trick,Efficiency,Techniques     2012-04-10 13:06:55