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  Cron Job in cPanel with PHP

Running PHP scripts automatically can have some big benefits. You can wait to have things get done when there is less traffic on your server, or you can ensure daily tasks get done on time. cPanel Simple CronEven if you do not know anything about cron jobs, and have never run a cron job before - you can get started with the simple cron tool built into cPanel. The url for it is: A few things you'll need is the path to php and the path...

   PHP,Cron,Autonomous Job,cPanel,Linux     2011-04-26 09:48:40

  Write high quality JavaScript and CSS with SublimeLinter

SublimeLinter is a plugin for one of the front end editor--Sublime Text, it is used to highlight those syntax not conforming to standard or wrong, it supports JavaScript,CSS,HTML,Java,PHP,Python,Ruby and some more.This article will introduce how to configure SublimeLinter in Windows to validate JavaScript and CSS codes. Preparation Install Sublime Text package control tool : Install SublimeLinter with Sublime Text package control tool :https://gi...

   SublimeLinter,Sublime Text,Validation     2013-06-14 23:24:51

  Battlelog: Modern Web Applications are Here

It's the shooter season of the year and this fall was all about Modern Warfare 3 versus Battlefield 3. And being the kind of game they are they also try to keep their audience playing by introducing some additional level of engagement. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield introduced their own online community websites and statistic platforms. Call of Duty has Elite, Battlefield has Battelog.But just because these services are sitting in the same spot it does not mean they are in any way similar. An...

   Game,Call of duty,Elite,Battlelog,Web platform     2011-11-15 08:11:40

  New Android simulator has some big improvements

Message from the Android developer blog, the Android emulator now has a number of improvements and optimizations. It allows developers to develop applications more conveniently.The Android emulator is an important tool for Android developers developing and testing applications. Due to the rapid growth of Android hardware, the simulator has been slightly left behind. The new simulator brings some new functions including support for GPU, the CPU acceleration sensor support, multi-touch input suppo...

   Android, Simulator,GPU,OpenGL     2012-04-10 13:02:31

  Make Big Data Collection Efficient with Hadoop Architecture and Design Tools

Hadoop architecture and design is popular to spread small array of code to large number of computers. That is why big data collection can be made more efficient with hadoop architecture and design. Hadoop is an open source system where you are free to make changes and design new tools according to your business requirement.   Here we will discuss most popular tools under the category Hadoop development and how they are helpful for big projects. Ambari and Hive– When you are designing...


  Mozilla releases an online editing tool --Popcorn Maker

Firefox developer Mozilla has been sparing no effort to promote the development of HTML5 and Web App They officially released a product: Popcorn Maker 1.0. It lets people edit video online and produce video with interactive features. Popcorn Maker video editing website page is similar to the ordinary video editing software, but the interface is simple and easy-to-use. You can edit the video content with simple select and drop and drag options, including inserting text, links, maps, Twitter infor...

   Popcorn Maker,Mozilla,Video editing     2012-11-13 11:50:31

  Writing great JavaScript

I probably could have named this post something like “Writing clean, validating and portable JavaScript”, but that would be no where near as catchy. The problem with “great” is it means different things to different people. I am going to show you my idea of great which may differ from many developers views, but I hope it helps someone improve their code. So what’s the point in this, why can’t you just carry on writing JavaScript as you have been for ages. It works doesn’t it...

   JavaScript,Great,Clean,Tips     2012-03-24 05:18:12

  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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       2017-02-01 03:14:42

  Telecom elements in WeChat

As an engineer who spends much time on focusing on WeChat like applications(Skype, Fring, Viber, Kik Messenger, WhatsApp, Talkbox, LINE, Kakao Talk) , I would like to share with you the telecom element in WeChat to show the inheritance and integration of traditional telecom services in the Internet service and applications.First, WeChat is an application to send messages, the fully IP-based messaging capabilities may replace the traditional telecom services such as SMS, MMS and VMS ,This is ver...

   WeChat,Telecom operator     2013-04-13 20:29:46

  Using keytool to create certificate chain

JDK provides a command line tool -- keytool to handle key and certificate generation. This tool has a set of options which can be used to generate keys, create certificates, import keys, install certificate and export certificates etc. In this tutorial, we will show how to create certificate chain using keytool. If you want to understand how to create certificate chain programmably, please refer to Generate certificate in Java -- Certificate chain. To begin, we first generate a key pair whi...