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  CSS3 animation vs CSS3 transition

Both CSS3 animation and CSS3 transition can be used to transition an element in a webpage. They can be used to transition some CSS properties within a given period of time. They have many similarities. They do have a few differences as well. So an user needs to understand the differences between them in order to better use them in different scenarios. First, let's see an example on how to change the width of a div from 100px to 200px within 2 seconds when hovering on it. With CSS3 animation , th...

   CSS3 animation,CSS3 transition, Difference     2015-06-15 08:46:39

  11 CSS Button Solutions

BonBon ButtonsZardiCSS3 Buttons With Simple MarkupFancy Buttons10 Nice CSS3 ButtonsCSS3 Animated Bubble ButtonsSuper Awesome Buttons with CSS3 and RGBAPretty CSS3 ButtonsGitHub-Style CSS3 ButtonsWe Love ButtonsSexy ButtonsRealistic CSS3 ButtonsSource:

   CSS,Button,Style,Solution     2011-05-14 01:29:10

  New CSS3 Properties to Handle Text and Word Wrapping

About a year and a half ago, I wrote about CSS3′s word-wrap property. The angle of the article was the fact that it was a feature that was new in CSS3 that didn’t exist in CSS2.1 and it worked in just about every browser, including old IE. Well, now that’s all changed, which I discovered while researching additions to my CSS3 Click Chart. The word-wrap property has been removed from the CSS3 spec and other related properties have been added. Text-Wrap The text-wrap property “specifie...

   CSS3,Word wrap,Overflow-Wrap,Line-Break     2012-01-30 05:58:41

  6 amazing HTML5 animation effects

HTML5 is rapidly developed in WEB world, it puts all kinds of pressure to browser development, but at the same time it also brings us lots of unexpected page effects. If we can use some HTML5 elements on our web apps,  we may get different user experience. However, for HTML5, there are lots of places need to improved. The following HTML5 animation effects are very attractive. 1. HTML5 mouseover image effect This HTML5 animation effect can be used in photo gallery, users can preview the...

   HTML5,Animation     2012-11-20 10:32:52

  Ensure triggering transitionend event in JavaScript

CSS3 Transition has been widely used in modern web app development to offer users animations. Traditionally animations of element in HTML are controlled by JavaScript. If fancy animation is desired, then third party plugins can be installed in browsers such as Flash, Silverlight, Java Applet etc. With CSS3, animations can be easily achieved like a charm. Transition is one of the many features provided by CSS3. It can be used to transit one element from one state to another state smoothly within ...


  Responsive Web Design

With the popularity of 3G, more and more people are surfing the Internet using mobile phones. Mobile devices are becoming common devices for accessing internet. So web design faces a big challenge which is how to display the same webpage on different devices with different screen  resolutions.Screen resolution of mobile device are usually not very large, the width is below 600px, while PC usually has a resolution over 1000px. It is not an easy task to display the same content with satisfyin...

   CSS,Web design,Layout,Response web design     2012-05-03 06:59:40

  CSS Rounded Corners In All Browsers (With No Images)

In the past two years, increased browser support has transformed CSS3 from a fringe activity for Safari geeks to a viable option for enterprise level websites. While cross-browser support is often too weak for CSS3 to hold up a site’s main design, front-end developers commonly look to CSS3 solutions for progressive enhancement in their sites. For instance, a developer might add a drop-shadow in Firefox, Safari and Chrome using -moz-box-shadow and -webkit-box-shadow, and then be ...

   CSS,Rounded corner,No image,IE,Chrome,Fi     2011-06-30 22:50:34

  CSS3 & HTML5 Support in Browsers

Last week we launched, a simple app which reveals your browsers' support for CSS3 and HTML5 features in an easy to read format using Modernizr.We've had a great response and we're going to be implementing some of your feedbackin the near future.UPDATE: Check out our Web Designers' HTML5 & CSS3 ChecklistFor now though I thought people mind find it useful to know the state of support in the current browser market.  I've taken all the A-Gra...

   CSS,HTML5,Web browser,Support     2011-05-14 11:26:45

  Stop obsessing over HTML5 and CSS3

As web designers, we all seem obsessed by HTML5 and CSS3 at the moment. Endless posts, tutorials and discussion about them dominate the blogosphere. But how much are we learning that can be applied today? Don’t get me wrong. We all need to understand HTML5 and CSS3. And a lot of it can be used today. My point is that we seem to be spending a disproportionate about of time reading up on the subject when so many other areas deserve our attention. While others are reading yet another tutorial...

   Clients, Opinion, Web Designers     2011-06-24 00:55:06

  CSS3 animated dropdown menu

It’s a sure thing that CSS3 features like transitions, animations and transforms can add extra spice to your designs.In this article you will see how you can build an awesome CSS3 animated dropdown menu with some of these cool features.View demoHere’s a quick preview for the CSS3 animated dropdown menu that we’re going to create today:Remember the previous CSS3 dropdown menu? That menu is awesome, and thanks to you is the most popular tutorial around here (at this time).Perhaps the be...

   CSS3,Drop down menu,Animation,Animated menu     2011-11-15 12:47:05